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  1. Forum issues with 5.5 sp1
  2. UBB Forums issues
  3. Tab rendering issues in sp1
  4. Pasting URLs no longer opens a tab
  5. Unofficial Broken Site List
  6. Addition to current (sp3) bug description
  7. [sp3] can't restart stopped download
  8. Password dialogs unresponsive (sp3)
  9. [sp3]: Link changes apply after page loads
  10. Do NOT click the link inside...
  11. Back button loses track of page scrolling
  12. Behavior of activity windows - network activity, downloads, ...
  13. Page display problem
  14. OmniWeb function problems
  15. [sp3] forums icons not updated
  16. Search Shortcuts for AMG get "Error 5"
  17. FWIW, Webkit issue
  18. Printing in sp3
  19. SP3 Performance Issues
  20. Numbered list feature of Omni Forums overwrites lines
  21. snapshot inserts Bookmarks page
  22. Download no-so-instant replay
  23. Error loading Boot Camp Beta Thank You page
  24. Form text field doesn't always accept a text drop
  25. highlight last clicked link
  26. Command-click not opening new tab
  27. Pasting multiple tabs into OmniOutliner
  28. AppleScript broken in OmniWeb 5.5?
  29. Javascript problem?
  30. Displaying image frustration
  31. Odd font change
  32. QuicKeys X hangs in Site-specific Preferences
  33. Javascript drop down menu problems
  34. sp3 not reloading tabs on relaunch?
  35. Google Calendars
  36. SP4 is displaying error text in place of a blocked ad
  37. Open frame in new window/tab
  38. Clicking in-browser does not activate.
  39. SP4 -- cannot view http://www.ebay.co.uk/
  40. Lost favicons
  41. Back button doesn't go back at about.com
  42. [SP4 bug] no control over image animation
  43. Is anyone able to drag the forum logo to their desktop?
  44. Can not post to UBB forums
  45. MapQuest's "Saved & Recent" does nothing
  46. WebKit browsers still render some sites wrong
  47. RSS feeds in 5.5sp4?
  48. [sp4] Memory leak??
  49. OmniYes! vs. SP4
  50. YouTube?
  51. Keychain and password problems
  52. x-cart debugging console and webmaster mode not working
  53. Click-to-show blocked flash content doesn't work
  54. Forum downloads as "attachment.php"
  55. SP5 won't finish crashing
  56. Scroll wheel support is broken
  57. Reproducible crash
  58. SP5: 100% CPU usage on Digg
  59. [sp5] closing of blank windows not quite fixed
  60. sp5 seems slow
  61. Blocked pop-ups in a new tab
  62. Gmail and attachments (specifically music files and pdfs)
  63. Local pages, source editor/viewer, and saving
  64. Pop ups cause status bar to dissapear?
  65. AJAX & OW 5.5sp6 (WebKit build issue?)
  66. Window Titles (mostly) broken?
  67. dpr (digital photo review) color in forums
  68. sp6: Command+click linking partially broken
  69. sp6: OW slow to remove link underlines
  70. Broken handling of temporary cookies
  71. sp6: no image shadows on deviantart.com
  72. sp6: reload doesn't return to scroll position
  73. Can't Save login prefs @ forum.phaseone.com
  74. clicked links aren't highlighted
  75. Tabs not restored after crash in sp6?
  76. Sp7
  77. sp7 problems on sfdrs.ch and macguardians.de
  78. Wither the script menu?
  79. Cocoa Gestures
  80. Multiple Monitor Support
  81. Speak link text or label
  82. Support for URL Manager Pro / Shared Menus
  83. Hangs when attempting to use the Quicktime Plugin
  84. SP7: Go Back & History broken
  85. SP7 - Option+Spacebar does nothing
  86. SP7 - No expandable text entry boxes..
  87. Importing bookmarks from Camino
  88. Google Groups image issues
  89. sp7 - my favicons went away and don't work
  90. Command-click opens a new window instead of a new tab
  91. Favicon Resizing issues
  92. Site Icons: too big?
  93. Pressing Delete in Bookmarks Goes Back
  94. "Loading" title in tab drawer
  95. Warn before closing a windows with multiple tabs
  96. [sp7] Can't log in on a forum
  97. Strange Scrolling and Buttons
  98. [sp7]Links and Tabs
  99. Last.fm problems
  100. Yahoo bookmarklet doesn't work
  101. Window title always says "OmniWeb"
  102. [SP7] Opening from Web Internet Location opens unpopulated tab/window
  103. Clearing History problem with SP7
  104. Transient lack of a vertical scrollbar
  105. Does history text search work for anyone?
  106. Page Info does not display image dimensions
  107. Fixing window postion on screen
  108. Webkit issue
  109. Wrong text colour
  110. Text Encoding
  111. Load Images doesn't work when there's a loading error
  112. [SP7] Bookmark switches identity during drag
  113. Health-driven feature, or bug?
  114. URL paste only works if sidebar has focus
  115. Incorect text focus indicator when switching tabs
  116. Inconsistent tab/shift-tab behavior with form elements
  117. Tab dragging change
  118. Mnimise window - nothing...
  119. downloads no longer get URLs in finder comments
  120. Repetitious security certificate questions
  121. omniweb:/StartPage/ says OW 5.1
  122. bookmark management issues (SP 7)
  123. Enormous bookmark icons
  124. SP7 crashes on right-click
  125. REALLY Odd Popup/Javascript Behavior
  126. Question about new window vs new tab
  127. sp7 isn't fast with multi tabs
  128. Can't go back
  129. Bookmarklets broken when URL is a picture
  130. "Show Bookmark Info" always opens your bookmarks in the current browser
  131. Custom stylesheet ignored
  132. Specific page hangs OmniWeb
  133. SP7 failed with Hotmail
  134. Download speed updates excessively fast
  135. Disappearing windows
  136. sp7: cannot tab to close Location Bar
  137. SP7 and Speed Download
  138. Sneaky Peek: Trouble Signing in to Yahoo Mail Beta
  139. Localhost with custom port fails to load
  140. Localhost cookies don't work properly
  141. rss subscription doesn't take in sp7
  142. Blank window after login to Blue Quartz admin
  143. Application of user style sheets / underlines slow
  144. Tab style not respected
  145. Files re-downloaded after workspace loads
  146. Form Text Field editor missing in 5.5?
  147. Bookmarklet new window is blocked
  148. Server-side <blink> tag
  149. Tab key wierdness.
  150. "Loading..." in blank tabs
  151. SP 7 "Download Page to Desktop" no worko
  152. Back/Foward can lead to partially-loaded pages
  153. Windows size/position and drawer location
  154. JavaScript bookmarklet doesn't work anymore.
  155. broken site: roche.com
  156. Firewall "Stealth Mode" and dot-local address
  157. Force Quit + relaunch opened wrong workspace
  158. Title attributes don't go away when Dashboard is activated
  159. sp7 - download size corrupt after crash
  160. 'View in Source Editor' toolbar button does not work
  161. Popup _blank windows are too tall
  162. Another webkit issue?
  163. Hypertext colours wrong on this site
  164. Downloads info
  165. Searcht started from the toolbar's search field: page loading hangs
  166. SP9 chrashiness
  167. SP9 (and earlier?) possible problem with iGetter 2.5
  168. Search Shortcut for DVDPriceSearch doesn't search
  169. Big Favicons
  170. Click on links in Aperture online tutorial has no reaction
  171. SP9 javascript window not loading image
  172. Slave images
  173. Form > Submit > Go back -> wrong data
  174. "back" broken?
  175. Style retention + workspaces
  176. Pages in dock don't reload from cache
  177. target="blank" opens links in a new window, not in a new tab
  178. short Auto-Complete popup menu, missing Titles.
  179. Dock icon not clearing number of unread RSS
  180. Open links from other applications in...
  181. Bookmarks are copied, not moved, when dragged
  182. file and creator type set to '????'
  183. sp10: gmail bug?
  184. sp10 scroll bar bug
  185. sp10 javascript bookmarklets
  186. Downloading issue
  187. Background tab download problem (sp10)
  188. Download through asp link oddity
  189. Weird. Open html from Finder
  190. SP10: Pop-up blocking broken?
  191. SP10: RSS Feed Not Recognized
  192. Command+Click starts a download that immediately hangs
  193. Cannot preview page from Dreamweaver
  194. OmniWeb 5.5 + Adobe Acrobat = problems
  195. .mac HomePage
  196. SP10: bookmark menu empty
  197. Funny behavior on a certain page
  198. Omnigroup Forum Login Credentials not stored
  199. Downloading problem
  200. though link-to-tab works, error still present
  201. Constant crashing when closing tabs
  202. Spinning whell when reading long threads
  203. missing menu on a webpage
  204. Window menu does not activate windows
  205. unwanted window flashes during navigation
  206. Link colors start out OK and then go bad
  207. Folder Actions Busted?
  208. sp10: Wists javascript link dead
  209. sp10: page rendering problems
  210. Source viewer does not respect the charset
  211. Uploading issues
  212. google groups login (SP10)
  213. sp10: OW post-processes after Option+click download
  214. Option-click link now respects site prefs ;-)
  215. Download Error
  216. UI glitch: shift-tab broken in toolbar?
  217. UI glitch: shift-tab not functional in toolbar?
  218. omniweb's cache eating over 100 MB of HD memory
  219. the JavaScript Console window doesn't open
  220. sp10 - new windows change size visually
  221. Forward broken
  222. View links as bookmarks (still) broken
  223. sp10 - RCN Shopping doesn't work
  224. Unable to digg stories.
  225. SP10: page duplicates in nav bar menu
  226. Link Hand Disappears After Dragging an Image
  227. a very small UI bug
  228. status bar showing up on certain page(s), but set to hidden
  229. sp 11 : Bookmarks menu empty & other bug
  230. Peek 11 Bookmark Problems
  231. Bookmarks not appearing in bookmark menu?
  232. sp11: back button still broken when blocking URLs
  233. sp11: Password bookmarklet broken
  234. drag cursor display bug
  235. Broken site
  236. sp11 - scrolling in Eclipse help frames
  237. PO files with txt extension on download
  238. Sneaky-Peek and GMail
  239. cache issues
  240. Large number of loading resources
  241. goyellow.de does not work
  242. RSS 2.0 problem
  243. AJAX-JSON incompatibility
  244. Flash video content broken on autobytel.com
  245. Close tab button is a circle, but...
  246. File Association - by design, or a bug?
  247. Yahoo Store Problem?
  248. Focus problems sp11
  249. Incorrectly-sized popup windows
  250. sp11: keyboard selection from popup menus lost