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  1. Spoofing safari 2.0
  2. Feature request: Global Spoof Setting
  3. Find as you Type support
  4. Passing feed:// links off to other Apps
  5. Unified Toolbar?
  6. identify target="_blank" links
  7. Personal Certificates in 5.5?
  8. Custom CSS for RSS feeds
  9. Option-Click Font Size buttons for single increment
  10. Pop up windows in new tabs?
  11. Cache as site pref
  12. Print as a single PDF page?
  13. sp6: easier means to remove autofill data
  14. launch with tab drawer open
  15. Localization?
  16. PDF: View in Preview.app?
  17. missing a very nice feature from ow 4
  18. Improved Ad-Blocking
  19. Subscribe to RSS Sends to NNW
  20. Easier Flash blocking
  21. "New Tab" button
  22. [feature request] Extentions, similar to firefox's
  23. Selection of the entire URL with 1 click
  24. Text search (cmd-F) in web pages
  25. Additional Start page option in Prefs
  26. The Green Bean
  27. Aphabetic order of bookmarks within Favorites folders
  28. Enhance Search Shortcut editing
  29. fix JS for maps/local.google.com
  30. OS X dictionary integration.
  31. URL of downloaded file in Spotlight comments?
  32. Focus last selected tab?
  33. Better drag-drop of Tabs
  34. Support for LiveDictionary
  35. thumbnail drawer
  36. Option to replace all tabs when loading a tab set
  37. Request for custom icon for sneakypeek releases
  38. Disabling creating a new window by doubleclicking a tab
  39. save previous searches
  40. autoclick bookmark folders
  41. preference pane for hidden prefernces
  42. I need a shortcut for the Favorites collection
  43. Demands for the Toolbar Search Field
  44. Shift of new windows
  45. Growl notification support
  46. Scrapbook
  47. A Status Bar request
  48. Feature's ask for the white list
  49. Display the Workspace's name
  50. AppleScript 'do script' command
  51. Webarchive
  52. Command-Shift-double click in the Bookmarks page
  53. Support multiple keychain entries for a site
  54. automaticly scrall tabdrawer if tab is requested
  55. hierarchial tabs (maintabs /subtabs)
  56. Source Editor & Page Inspector
  57. Drag linked image downloads the image
  58. Close tab drawer when only one tab is open
  59. Force to open link in a new tab
  60. Possibility to choose tabs in old style
  61. spoofing query
  62. Undo/Command-Z should reopen last closed window or tab
  63. copy tabular html data as tab-delimited text
  64. Option to Prevent Sites from Resizing Main Window
  65. Option to choose focus of pop-up windows
  66. add confirmation to Take Snapshot
  67. Local urls and web shortcuts
  68. Bigger font in adressfield and searchfield
  69. How about a better favorites bar?
  70. View PDF in Browser Window
  71. Download indication for files that are being downloaded
  72. Safari "Private Browsing"
  73. RSS in browser window
  74. Optional delay to close download window
  75. config info in forum message (sp11)
  76. new window instead of un-minimizing from the dock
  77. 'Move to trash' command for Downloads
  78. Multi-function (tab) drawer
  79. Open Links from Other Applications in:
  80. Crash OW button
  81. Bookmark all tabs in Window?
  82. Auto-hiding tab drawer
  83. Double-click tab drawer for new tab
  84. Drag tab to desktop to create webloc
  85. Feature Requests
  86. Reformat visited links
  87. OmniWeb 5.5 plist
  88. Two small requests
  89. RSS agregator
  90. "Powerful web browsing, designed for Mac OS X. "
  91. Workspaces and Tab Drawer Titles
  92. Option for closing windows with multiple tabs
  93. Tab Exposť feature
  94. Drag a link to an inactive workspace
  95. Cache inactive workspace contents for offline browsing
  96. Clear Private Data / Reset OmniWeb
  97. Greasemonkey/Creammonkey support?
  98. Sorting of search shortcuts!
  99. Customizations in WebKit and LiveDictionary
  100. is there any way to block evil floaters?
  101. Pleeeease a trivial bug fix for the tabview
  102. Single Window & Blank Tab
  103. Mark all RSS feeds as read and easier adding of them
  104. Alexa integration?
  105. sync workspaces
  106. Split Bar!
  107. Toggle for blocking popups
  108. LiveDictionary now working with OW 5.5
  109. SafariStand features
  110. Esc to leave input boxes
  111. Open Page With ---browser
  112. Toolbar Search Field feature request
  113. Fonts families
  114. Close download window after X seconds
  115. Spotlight Bookmark Search
  116. "save"-button for browser-toolbar
  117. Arrange toolbar items to the right
  118. Right Click -> Go Back
  119. Webarchive deactivation
  120. Tabs in a pane
  121. Open URL and Search in Google contextual menu items
  122. Option to close an orphan window or tab with backspace
  123. History like Trailblazer
  124. How to block flash ads?
  125. AdBlock: Import/sync filter list
  126. Open a new tab by double-clicking an empty space in tab drawer
  127. Why doesn't OW use ~/Library/Cookies?
  128. Plugin Architecture
  129. "find" command in adblock window
  130. From what page? ("links path" followed...)
  131. ⇧⌘← / Location Bar Keyboard Access
  132. Custom Referer for bookmarks?
  133. When the SP expires, gives option to DL latest version
  134. Option for blank tabs
  135. Tap option
  136. Save window attributes with tabs
  137. AdBlock: No show instead of grey blocks?
  138. Option-return to download links?
  139. OmniWeb needs a good working ad blocker like PithHelmet
  140. Bookmark Keyword Field in sheet
  141. Tabs like Safari option
  142. Quit warning while downloads active
  143. target="_blank" in new tab instead of new window
  144. "Block image" command shows url
  145. BBCode editor
  146. 5.5 does not preserve hostname casing
  147. downloads by date
  148. Inquisitor-like feature?
  149. visited URLs list flawed
  150. (old request) Sticking with Safari for dictionary integration
  151. multiple autocomplete on web sites
  152. Status bar should indicate links that open in new window
  153. A suggestion on saved passwords
  154. Command-F in the history view
  155. [FEATURE REQUEST]IRI support
  156. Scrapbook
  157. Put these in and I will buy it!
  158. Sort columns in Page Info view
  159. Offline Mode
  160. Horizontal Top of Page TABS
  161. dock icon option for unchecked pages
  162. Deleting pages from inactive workspaces
  163. can you change font size for tabs?
  164. Ad blocking no questions asked
  165. Site indexing & caching
  166. Some features that keep me from buying
  167. academic research tool
  168. File upload UI feedback
  169. RSS 'Mark as Viewed' and google/dictionary search
  170. My OmniWeb Feature Requets
  171. Block Intellitext
  172. View in other browsers
  173. Open New Tabs - Close all Others
  174. Open Blank Tab Icon
  175. Save Window Sizes on Close
  176. New OmniWeb Product Icon
  177. Favorites bar wraps rather than displaying double-arrow icon
  178. Undo for closing a tab...
  179. Downloads feature
  180. Resumable Downloads Please!
  181. RSS agregator
  182. Search as you type
  183. TabExposť
  184. Webkit version
  185. toolbar tab view
  186. sort bookmarks
  187. Support for inquisitor
  188. Rich text editor for forums
  189. [Rss] external newsreader?
  190. Open Links in a New Background Tab
  191. Tab/workspace palette.
  192. Shiira-like sidebar (a bit modified, of course)
  193. Enforce Single Window
  194. A couple of Safari-Stand requests
  195. safari bookmarking feature
  196. Remove tabs from Workspaces
  197. Indicate which encoding is in use
  198. View source in BBEdit (or another editor)
  199. Disable "find as you type"?
  200. Collapsible ad-blocking (like PithHelmet)
  201. "Open this picture in iPhoto" like in Safari?
  202. Migrate auto-fill data
  203. Great browser but full screen?
  204. SSL Information
  205. Double click to create new tab
  206. Features
  207. Here I am because I come here.
  208. Disable JavaScript in blocked popups/unders
  209. Changing default/initial size
  210. Few requests...
  211. type ahead find
  212. Applescript hook for save as web archive
  213. Go to full-screen when closing tab drawer
  214. Expose-Like Integration of Workspaces
  215. keyword shortcuts for workspaces
  216. Fix default window location bug
  217. Something like (FF) Web Developer extension?
  218. mouseover previews for links
  219. feedback in status bar for pressing buttons
  220. del.icio.us integration
  221. Keyboard Shortcuts to change search engine
  222. Avoid "reload" when hittting back-button
  223. assign keyword shortcut with bookmark
  224. Saving complete web pages (with images) as files, not archive
  225. Keyboard Shortcuts (ei Command+1 etc.) for Search Shortcuts
  226. "Find" to search through text boxes as well..
  227. User defined maximum simulataneous downloads.
  228. Window position bug still not fixed
  229. New "one window mode" is not what I want
  230. Find - better highlighting?
  231. Change Behavior of Closing Tabs
  232. Whizzy Safari 3 Searching
  233. Change RSS Behaviour
  234. Support Online RSS Readers
  235. Display EXIF
  236. Next beta or final 5.5.2 before Xmas?
  237. I have been using OmniWeb 5.5's beta for the past week. Here are the feature requests
  238. "mail page content"
  239. Reload Frame
  240. when will we get drop down field support?
  241. Site Preference - Disable Plugins?
  242. 'Look Up In Dictionary' in ctrl+click menu
  243. inquisitor like search field
  244. Find as you type.... again - please please?
  245. Opera's paste-and-go function
  246. Undo close tab
  247. go to as url contextual menu
  248. Add phishtank to Omniweb?
  249. command-key functionality
  250. Open new tab next to current