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  1. OmniFocus iPhone App - Pricing?
  2. OmniFocus for Android [Very unlikely; certainly no plans in foreseeable future.]
  3. Frequently Asked Questions about OmniFocus for iPhone
  4. Question about sync
  5. Does "server" mean one's computer?
  6. $20 for OF app in iPhone apps store
  7. OmniFocus is now in iTunes for $19.99
  8. Purchasing the App Before Tomorrow
  9. I Got it OmniFocus from the App Store
  10. Question about License Agreement
  11. Multiple License Discount?
  12. overdue badges only one level deep
  13. Installing OmniFocus For My Users
  14. If I Install On By Current iPhone - Will I be Able to Install on New One?
  15. Nice job, Guys!
  16. Can't find Sync pref on mac
  17. Question - Location Aware Contexts
  18. Settings on OF for iPhone
  19. Where to get OmniFocus for Mac 1.5 (required to sync w/iPhone)
  20. Tap your user name, flip, and...?
  21. iPhone use questions
  22. Extremely high bitrate on audio notes
  23. OmniFocus Introduction Video
  24. Huge Problem with iPhone App Icon (the ugly)
  25. Email Gets Best Response
  26. Application will not run on my iPhone
  27. Omni of iPhone! Yes!
  28. $20? Revoking your 501(c)(3) non-profit status!
  29. Getting app from iPhone into iTunes
  30. Can't replace my Palm if I can't import my tasks
  31. Identified Issues on OF for iPhone
  32. Clicking Noise in the date chooser
  33. Recurring Tasks
  34. Due/Due Soon color changing
  35. Feature Suggestions: Context Planner and Links to Maps for Contexts
  36. Subcontexts? Backup?
  37. Unable to read document
  38. Search functionality
  39. Where is my sync preferences button?
  40. Attachments
  41. IpHone locked up when trying to install Omnifocus.
  42. Delete Voice Recording
  43. iDisk and security/encryption
  44. Where to report small bugs
  45. Putting projects in folders
  46. Omnifocus for iPhone
  47. Masterpiece
  48. New Project Fields Not Changing On the Fly
  49. Loading...
  50. Having issues getting Contexts to work?
  51. "can't find host" on iPhone 3G
  52. Notes attached to projects visible on iPhone?
  53. Focusing on Work, Home in iPhone
  54. Separating Work From Home on Phone
  55. Locations not working
  56. One Little Gripe
  57. "Nearby" Contexts
  58. Adding new perspectives
  59. Features I would like to see
  60. Sorting Preferences for Due Soon, etc.
  61. Omni Focus on iPhone 3G crashed
  62. Recurring items--do they refresh?
  63. Shopping lists & multiple locations
  64. Can't reinstall Omni Focus after crash
  65. Voice Recording file type .caf
  66. Import tasks from Outlook
  67. What happens to an action when you check it completed?
  68. how to trust self signed certificates
  69. Why no location for Actions?
  70. question on location
  71. until multiple contexts-- best practice?
  72. OF iPhone 1.0.1?
  73. Business Search doesn't do anything
  74. Single actions in project folders
  75. iphone feature request / suggenstions
  76. wake iphone at due time?
  77. Function Queries
  78. Jott integration?
  79. Location questions
  80. Sluggish performance: launch
  81. option: don't show empty "none available" contexts
  82. Action Groups on the iPhone
  83. Inconsistent badge colors on iPhone
  84. Context sorting on my iphone does not match that the database on my Mac
  85. Assigning contexts
  86. "Anywhere" context
  87. Quick Entry on the iPhone
  88. "No root transactions"
  89. Omnifocus crashes all the time on iphone 3g
  90. Please add this to your change request list
  91. OmniFocus, WebDav, and BlueHost
  92. Restored and Unauthorized!
  93. Duplicate Miscellaneous folder/bucket
  94. update "due soon" actions
  95. Location best-practices?
  96. Is my iPhone being updated automatically???
  97. Creating a Child Instance for a Project
  98. Nested Contexts Give Incorrect Badge Count in Context Mode? [BUG: Fixed in 1.5.1]
  99. iPhone OmniFocus Records 'Disappeared"
  100. Add Contacts to Actions
  101. Feature requests
  102. Hiding "on Hold" Projects?
  103. Context management
  104. Dial from Action
  105. Recommended Number of Actions
  106. How do I reinstall the app on the iPhone
  107. Quick entry and context
  108. bad aim, big check box
  109. Sync - Imac-Mac-book- Ipod touch not happening
  110. Due soon not updating along with action colours
  111. location feature not working
  112. A story of success in syncing for beginners
  113. Available tasks on project view not updating...
  114. Projects vs Contexts entry
  115. Order Actions of Contexts?
  116. Feature Request: Click to call phone numbers
  117. Best way to use "Nearby"?
  118. Set Location from Mac?
  119. Reference File
  120. Informal poll: MobileMe vs. WebDAV
  121. Frequent Crashes on iPhone
  122. OminFocus crashes when started
  123. Today view ideas
  124. Update downloaded in iTunes but isn't on iPhone?
  125. Nearby distances bug.
  126. Feature Request: Move project from folder to folder
  127. OmniFocus for iPhone and Outlook Windows
  128. "Red bubble" task count on OmniFocus app icon
  129. Crashes and Bugs, Badly needed features.
  130. Is the data entered into Omnifocus for iPhone backed up to my Mac?
  131. iPhone Context Location Radius
  132. iPhone Purchase of OF Not Showing Up in iTunes
  133. Feature Request: WiFi sync
  134. iPhone: backup of tasks?
  135. Feature Request/Question: Accessing the iPhone's phone functions...
  136. Feature Request: email and calendar integration
  137. Lots of items not showing up in context view
  138. Feature request: view all actions
  139. How to 'Focus'?
  140. Server name keeps changing
  141. audio and photo attachments to tasks
  142. choppy scrolling, unresponsive magnifying
  143. Old App ( still has cPanel issues
  144. iPhone - set context location to 'all'
  145. Looks really good so far
  146. puchased the iphone app..do I have to buy...
  147. Context Perspectives
  148. Due Soon not reporting
  149. Items with Context not syncing from Iphone to desktop
  150. OmniFocus horribly slow with big db
  151. Is there a way to reinstall OmniFocus iPhone app?
  152. iPod lost all my OmniFocus data
  153. iPhone/iTouch OF crashes at "loading"
  154. 'Flagged' showing blocked tasks?
  155. OmniFocus v1.0.1 for iPhone is now available
  156. SOLVED: Untrusted certificates still not working in 1.0.1?
  157. update 1.0.1 cleared my database
  158. 1.01 won't install on iPhone. Help! I have no OF iPhone!
  159. Create Repeating Tasks
  160. Alerts/alarms/reminders/Push notification discussion [Also see sticky.]
  161. Latest iPhone OF never syncs with WebDAV
  162. Need HELP! Deleted App off Ipod and not backed up
  163. Omnifocus sync - you made my wife cry
  164. Projects made on iPhone don't sync
  165. upgraded version of OF iPhone reports database reverted when sync
  166. how to delete photo or audio
  167. Why can't sync happen locally if this app can do it?
  168. Sync: server returned an error 403 "forbidden"
  169. People Context Feature Request
  170. Projects Available vs Remaining
  171. Sharing Tasks with Other People
  172. Restore from iTunes
  173. Spaces/app aware contexts
  174. How to use MobileMe to Synch the iPhone without Desktop OmniFocus
  175. Contexts, show: Next
  176. Feature request: User control over sync frequency.
  177. Sometimes sends me back to home after entering a task
  178. SOLVED: Not syncing from iPhone > iDisk > Mac
  179. Separating Home from Work items
  180. Update 1.0.1 Wiped my iPhone Database - Can I recover from iPhone Backup?
  181. Directions to Grocery Store
  182. Problem syncing
  183. More FAQs and Troubleshooting
  184. iTunes iPhone backup frequency
  185. iPhone app is brilliant!
  186. iPhone app is great but too slow
  187. iPhone OF review posted at MacWorld
  188. Sync & Loading time incredibly fast!
  189. Initiate Wireless connection when start syncing
  190. Data loss from app upgrades widespread?
  191. Ref ticket #313547: OmniFocus crashes on remote sync
  192. Anyone living exclusively with OF for iPhone?
  193. new to omnifocus w/questions
  194. password (e.g. webdav) security/storage
  195. feature request: sync with iPhone y/n
  196. Inbox use
  197. OmniFocus for iPhone custom development
  198. Trouble syncing iPod Touch to WebDAV database
  199. Charged twice for OF?
  200. Due Soon Actions Not Showing
  201. ANSWER: How to reset OmniFocus from iPhone -> iDisk?
  202. Feature Request: WiFi Contexts
  203. Apple Update Process
  204. iphone crashes on load
  205. Due Soon/Overdue not updated on iPhone OF?
  206. Thank you for keeping data on the iPhone
  207. Roadmap for upcoming versions?
  208. OmniFocus and OmniFocus for the iPhone
  209. Suggestion: Hide inactive contexts.
  210. Will Omnifocus for iphone can keep running in background as Mail application
  211. OF on Mac not syncing with iPhone
  212. untrusted server certificate
  213. Ditching MobileMe... Can I sync directly with my Mac???
  214. Upgrade erased DB.
  215. Repeating events don't behave correctly when checked off
  216. Slow loading fixed
  217. New Features - Nice -- Now HOW Do We Use Them!!!
  218. 1.02 iPhone update and .Mac
  219. OmniFocus 1.0.2 for iPhone release notes
  220. Can't get 1.0.2 yet
  221. OmniFocus 1.0.2 reinstalled, now crashing at launch
  222. SOLVED: Due Soon and Flagged counts are wrong
  223. SOLVED: where are notes on the iPhone?
  224. On Hold Projects
  225. OF Tries to file crash report on every startup.
  226. Setting objects to repeat in iPhone version
  227. Possible fix for large/slow syncs?
  228. How does OF for iPhone handle "Someday/Maybes" and "On Hold"?
  229. Is there a "Next Action" view?
  230. SOLVED: iPhone OmniFocus refuses to sync with WebDAV, authentication issue
  231. How do I indent tasks on the iphone?
  232. Update Available Tasks
  233. There should be a miscallaneous or 'none' context setting
  234. I'm Digging the Notes Set Up
  235. "Due Soon" counts are wrong.
  236. jump to project from action?
  237. Start/Due time UI
  238. Action group notes
  239. Feature Request: Multiple Locations per Context
  240. What's the benefit of MobileMe w/ OmniFocus?
  241. OmniFocus for iPhone - standalone backups?
  242. Color of Next Actions
  243. Any plans for a web based application to support iPhone?
  244. Customizable categories?
  245. Riddle me this....(app not showing as purchased in iTunes)
  246. Suddenly unable to sync to MobileMe! (payment required)
  247. Slow and unreliable syncing
  248. NOTICE: iTunes app update probs may be caused by dups
  249. Is this behaviour typical?
  250. questions about omni versions