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  1. OmniGraffle for iPad
  2. Omnigraffle for iPad
  3. OmniGraffle for iPad is $49.95?
  4. DropBox support? [A: Document sync is coming, but not based on Dropbox or iCloud.]
  5. get App store goodies for a bit less
  6. What is the resolution?
  7. Visio Support
  8. On how to get existing OmniGraffle files/stencils onto the iPad
  9. Stencils in OmniGraffle for iPad
  10. Question about capability
  11. Quickly Adding Shapes with Labels
  12. Having trouble installing third party stencils
  13. Thoughts / Questions (post-purchase)
  14. Are tables supported?
  15. How to select multiple objects? [Answered, including info on 1.1 update.]
  16. Drawing by hand creating choppy lines
  17. Stencils load VERY slow the first time
  18. Feature requests
  19. We're extending our 30-day money back guarantee to App Store purchases
  20. Adding images
  21. Outlining in Omnigraffle
  22. Show off your iPad OG work so far
  23. Capabilities
  24. Recommended Diagramming Books?
  25. Image rotating and preciss shape scaling
  26. Please send feature requests and bug reports via email!
  27. Feature comparison chart for iPad vs. Mac version
  28. Move to Back/Front?
  29. Compatibility with OG4
  30. OmniGraffle 1.1 for iPad is now available!
  31. Canvas color
  32. How to change text property
  33. OmniGraffle 1.1 Bug Report
  34. Performance and fitness for use of Omnigraffle for iPad
  35. Spacing in tables.
  36. iPhone version
  37. Freehand sketch?
  38. Cloud support
  39. Gardening Stencil Isn't Working on iPad - Am I Missing Something
  40. missing sync : iPhone
  41. Can't email files from iPad
  42. Stencils and PDF images?
  43. Remove Graffletopia stencils from iPad?
  44. Setting default fonts?
  45. Zooming and Panning
  46. Big thank you
  47. Shapes with images and transparent fills
  48. Font issues when emailing PDFs from OG for iPad
  49. 960 Grid Template
  50. Stumped- Move Magnet Position?
  51. OmniGraffle 1.2 for iPad is now available!
  52. What's the verdict?
  53. online manual?
  54. Trouble moving big files on screen
  55. How to edit/draw bezier connectors?
  56. Backup w/o iTunes : Cloud Support?
  57. Cisco stencils, adapted for iPad
  58. Use of a stylus / pen
  59. One Quick Question...
  60. selecting multiple cells in table
  61. Anchor points
  62. Background image for ipad version
  63. Self-connect connection on iPad?
  64. List your favourite Apps!
  65. When to expect cloud support?
  66. Canvas size
  67. Text Shadow
  68. Is Omnigraffle perfect for me?
  69. Creating Org Char
  70. Latitude and Longitude?
  71. How to deal with opacity in OG on iPad or Mac
  72. Underline
  73. Images inside shapes
  74. Issues and stufflettes
  75. OmniGraffle 1.3 for iPad is now available!
  76. Omnigraffle files sync
  77. Pdf aS a background
  78. photo from safari
  79. Satisfecit
  80. Delete lines control points
  81. Drawing splines?
  82. Mindmap mode
  83. 60 documents - navigation problem
  84. OmniGraffle 1.4 for iPad is now available!
  85. Copy/Paste with keyboard
  86. Gathering customer stories about OmniGraffle for iPad
  87. Are you able to create transparent links with your Omnigraffle mock-ups?
  88. iDisk - WebDAV Icon Placement
  89. Can I see your iPad Graffles?
  90. How to use the "Make Stencil" feature in v1.4? [A: see thread.]
  91. Omnigraffle seems less responsive in iOS 4.2
  92. Auto-crop when exporting to pdf
  93. Any pencil to use curve to fit multi-point or polygon like excel drawing
  94. Potential customer newbie questions
  95. Attach items?
  96. Cover flow, good for showing off, bad for workflow
  97. OmniGraffle and iPad - A dream come true
  98. Pre-Sales question: Auto sketch to line feature?
  99. Omnigraffle network stencil
  100. Presentation mode on iPad
  101. Personal WebDAV Server
  102. Cisco Universal (iOS and MacOS) stencils
  103. Using (or moving lists / bullets)
  104. Grid is almost useless
  105. Interested in seeing if Export to Visio is important to more peeps
  106. Few suggestions..
  107. How to stick to individual magnet
  108. iPad version text display issues
  109. links between documents
  110. Export problem - please help
  111. OmniGraffle 1.5 for iPad is now available!
  112. Coming from Corel...
  113. Manual
  114. Need to read more about tables
  115. Cutout overlapping shapes?
  116. Importing documents of any sort?
  117. Anchored Resize possible?
  118. Moving objects between layers
  119. Import OO/iPad from iDisk
  120. Need help with drawing line in a circle
  121. custom color palette, stencil?
  122. graffletopia
  123. Top & Bottom Margin Frustration
  124. Sharing an object between Layers
  125. Possibly off topic: How do you do your iPad training videos
  126. OmniGraffle 1.6 for iPad has been approved!
  127. limit to canvas size?
  128. Objects don't align to grid when dropped from stencil or copy/pasted
  129. OmniGraffle for iPad v1.6.1 has been approved!
  130. Diagram button in OmniGraffle for iPad has stopped working
  131. Vector Stencils for OmniGraffle for iPad
  132. Importing technical symbols
  133. Color Fill question
  134. Restoring the diagrams that ship with Omnigraffle for iPad?
  135. MagicalPad-like outline grous
  136. OmniGraffle for iPad 1.7 is now available
  137. Do OG Stencils Work the Same with OG for iPad ?
  138. OmniGraffle for iPad 1.7.1 is now available
  139. OK, For a 2-Year Old: Get a Stencil from OG/Mac to OG/iPad
  140. Copy / paste and save custom styles
  141. Handwriting and Text Handling
  142. Is there any plans for UML sequence diagrams in OmniGraffle for iPad
  143. Upgraded document browser
  144. Graffletopia and new iPad 3 no worky
  145. Disappointing purchase
  146. Stencil from Mac to iPad will not open
  147. Copying and Pasting object styles
  148. Disappearing stencils after close/open Diagram
  149. Can't Open OmniGraffle Mac files on iPad (includes "Dream Setup!)
  150. OmniGraffle for iPad 1.8 is now available
  151. Upgrade to v 2
  152. Back button in stencils
  153. OmniGraffle for iPad 1.8.1 is now available
  154. How to get iPad OmniGraffle onto Mac?
  155. Restoring files copied via iTunes
  156. Text of Objects not appearing correctly
  157. Crooked connectors
  158. width or wallgreens?
  159. OmniGraffle for iPad 1.9.1 is now available
  160. OmniGraffle for iPad 1.9.2 is now available