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  1. OmniFocus on iPad
  2. iPad and OF?
  3. OmniFocus for iPad
  4. Generating an action item from email on iPad
  5. OmniFocus for iPad Frequently Asked Questions
  6. iPhone app on the ipad / rotate
  7. First Weekly Review on my iPad
  8. Omnifocus full res on iPad without pixel doubling!
  9. External Keyboard / iPad.
  10. Buy iPhone version now or wait for iPad version?
  11. The iPad, the Cloud and Anywhere To Do Creation
  12. OmniFocus for iPad interface feedback
  13. To Do and Note Taking - A great combination
  14. Linking mail and Omnifocus.
  15. No voice recording on iPad?
  16. Will iPad Version have Calendar Export?
  17. Checking for updates :)
  18. Why I hate OF on the iPhone
  19. When Will Our Long Nightmare End?
  20. How to apply to be a beta tester?
  21. How "soon" is "Soon"?
  22. YOUR GUESS: How much it will cost vs. how much it should cost?
  23. July 14 status update
  24. Problems with iPad Update
  25. 7/16 Status Update
  26. July 20 Status Update
  27. OF iPad app submitted to Apple!
  28. Guess the Day !!!
  29. It's Here!!!!!!!!! [Not released yet, but we'll post when it is.]
  30. Will you look the screenshots?
  31. Admit it . . .
  32. OF Mac on iPad...
  33. How to let Apple know the usefulness of an app approval
  34. Groundhog Day
  35. Autorefresh the AppStore-Make it Easy on yourself...
  36. With No Comment
  37. A New Sense of Perspective
  38. July 29th - Is It Over for Today?
  39. Revenge!
  40. Friday 6:00AM PDT is zero hour [Assuming Apple Approves the App. :-)]
  41. OmniFocus for iPad has been approved for sale!
  42. Liveblogging the OmniFocus for iPad launch
  43. New OmniFocus Banner
  44. Product info up!
  45. Launch Fail Update Needed
  46. Download complete!
  47. Got it!
  48. Downloading now....
  49. Up and running!
  50. hammered
  51. Omni Group- We Love You!!
  52. First bug found?
  53. Problem with iPad Safari Bookmarklet? [Fixed: remove iPhone app and reboot]
  54. Reviews (quick, long) Post Here
  55. Confusing "Done" button in Action details
  56. First issue: creating subtasks
  57. Hierarchical level question
  58. Can you import data from original iPhone/iPad app?
  59. Feature request - Add perspectives in Sidebar
  60. Interface looks exactly like that 4 second video
  61. Manually Sort Projects?
  62. What am I doing wrong in review mode?
  63. Duplicate a Project
  64. Setting Future Dates
  65. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee or not?
  66. I like it, but...
  67. I Love Emailing Tasks...but...
  68. Omnifocus iPad-- iCal advice
  69. $40? Seriously? [OmniFocus for iPad Pricing Feedback]
  70. iPad won't sync with existing MobileMe account
  71. Bulk Context/Project Setting
  72. You guys killed it
  73. Eye Candy
  74. Reminder: Please send bug reports and feature requests via email!
  75. How to sort items?
  76. Any Way To Rearrange Projects/Folders?
  77. Creating subprojects in Omnifocus for Ipad
  78. Exporting Project Info
  79. Workflow restriction due to "no duration"
  80. I bought OF for iPhone to use on my iPhone, but never could. Can you help me?
  81. OmniFocus iPad: Bigger NOTES Dialog PLEASE
  82. Sorting in Context
  83. FINALLY......Getting Things Done
  84. Future request Ipad
  85. Feature Request (emailed already): Due Counts
  86. Adding tasks in inbox on iPad deletes other tasks
  87. Feature Request Compilation
  88. Change ONE Thing & Everyone Will Be Happy
  89. Love the apps. Please add this little change
  90. Reviewing
  91. OmniFocus should be FREE!
  92. How to handle with more then "2 contexts"?
  93. Grubby Gooeys
  94. Tickler Perspective on the Ipad
  95. 3 important features - what do you think?
  96. Today I Added an "iPad" context!
  97. OFiP Issues and Workarounds
  98. "Home-Button" inside Omnifocus?
  99. Projects vs. Action groups
  100. Can't see Perspectives in sidebar
  101. Drag & drop actions to projects?
  102. Example project attached - why is this so unmanageable on the iPad?
  103. Why only context grouped perspectives?
  104. iPad vs. iPhone auto-cleaning mayhem
  105. Feature Request: task prioritization!
  106. Notes not searchable?
  107. Reordering folders and multiple projects in same folder
  108. I'm lurking, iPadless, and feeling left out!
  109. Basic questions - potential new user
  110. RFC: Poss. solution to hierarchy woes?
  111. Drilling Down
  112. "open in..." capability for attachments?
  113. Still no creating nested contexts with colon?
  114. Omnifocus with 550 zip Files
  115. GUI stuff - strange sticky-outy bits
  116. I had an [input-related] dream...
  117. Moving folders/lists of projects
  118. Email action, PDF attachments, Note Search: Missing features?
  119. No way to refresh after changes
  120. Processing email on the iPad
  121. Data Exchange in iTunes, what's the reason?
  122. Syncing Custom Perspective & Icons
  123. Hiding on hold projects.
  124. Moving stuff is a mess
  125. Only 1 action in projects? Why?? [A: View menu set to "Next Action"]
  126. Easier flagging
  127. Importing existing tasks from a PC
  128. Nesting does work?
  129. Email links / drag & drop filing
  130. How do you move the checkboxes to the correct side?
  131. today status - feature request
  132. Feature Request: Options to Change Colors
  133. Feeling lost
  134. TextExpander Integration Request
  135. Keyboard shortcuts : feature request
  136. Archive emails into OF on iPad?
  137. Can OF iPad collapse/focus sub projects?
  138. Just damn
  139. iPad: it is a MULTI-TOUCH device, no?
  140. Real life use cases/workflows?
  141. Undo
  142. Start/end of day
  143. List your favourite Apps!
  144. Unable to open attached images
  145. Feature request: A way to get tasks from a PC to OmniFocus for the iPad
  146. New to Omnifocus
  147. Text Expander
  148. Why the email share button?
  149. Estimated Time?
  150. Perspective/Zoom for Forecast Window
  151. when does it sync
  152. Projects on Hold showing in Due Perspective
  153. Complete By Date - Restore Default Perspectives
  154. Sorting Projects
  155. OPML import
  156. Feature request: Email to OmniSync
  157. How to show completed actions? [A: use View menu ("Eye button") to show All]
  158. Emailing Actions from iPad to other iPad users
  159. Ipad crasht before syncing but after getting omnifocus
  160. Uncheck all
  161. How to mark something completed "yesterday"?
  162. Methodology Question: Someday Lists
  163. Using OF on 2 x iPads
  164. SnycProblem iPad-iPhone?
  165. Add projects to sidebar
  166. Freehand sketch in omnifocus ipad
  167. May Single Criticism - It Takes Ways Too Long to Make A Project!!
  168. Selecting dates takes too many presses
  169. Sync'ing and the new MobileMe calendar
  170. Alarms - some guidance appreciated
  171. New Folder only at Top Level
  172. Updating often requires relaunching the app
  173. Maps won't find my location on wifi only iPad?
  174. Context display in Forecast
  175. Search for a Project to select it?
  176. Inbox items don't appear in Forecast mode?
  177. "There's no place like home..."
  178. Badge count bug actually a feature?
  179. OmniFocus 1.0.2 for iPad is now available!
  180. Sorting out projects
  181. Search UI Question
  182. Two next Actions - rest hidden
  183. How to tell 'completed' date
  184. Filing Projects
  185. Does the ipad version has educational pricing
  186. Attachment from Mac sync to iPad
  187. Love OF for iPad need to be able to report
  188. Nice!
  189. How to see completed actions in OF Ipad
  190. Is it possible to sync OF on the iPad with iCal on the iPad?
  191. Backing up omnifocus.ofocus
  192. subscribe to OF calendar, created in iPad, on Mac?
  193. Bug or my screw-up?
  194. OmniFocus PDF documentation
  195. Moving text input elements = bad
  196. Forecast Suggestion
  197. Quick entry
  198. Request: next/previous buttons on inspector
  199. Promoting/demoting
  200. Actions expand to fill whole width of the outermost folder? [A: Yep!]
  201. On Hold projects show up in review
  202. Cool multi-touch trick
  203. Rapid entry of Actions
  204. What's the forecast on the next refinement update?
  205. Different UIs.. is it just me?
  206. Do I need the Desktop Version as well?
  207. Deleted items--longevity?
  208. Any chance to have project based perspectives?
  209. Feature request - Complete and Await Reply
  210. Have You Attempted a Weekly Review on the iPad?
  211. Timescales and future plans for OF?
  212. Linking OG app files
  213. Possibility for PDF Export of Reportings
  214. Humble request for a calendar View
  215. How to make action groups/subactions on iPad?
  216. How to set dependencies on the iPad
  217. How to change action groups between parallel and sequential
  218. Solution for long project and action notes
  219. Turn off autosync for iPad?
  220. Completed tasks-some crossed out, some not
  221. Um... OF on iPad Turned Sync Off
  222. Storing attachments vs. database size and efficiency
  223. Change multiple items at once
  224. Context perspectives only have single context
  225. Searching notes
  226. Attaching Emails to Projects
  227. OmniFocus for iPad on iOS 4.2 beta broken?
  228. Can't Open Zip Archive problem after synching
  229. Omnifocus for college coursework is it worth $40??
  230. Password Lock
  231. Manual sync button seems far away
  232. Actions don't display in forecasts
  233. Flagging should be fast
  234. How do I make an action the 'next action'?
  235. Why Does Intertial Scrolling Sometimes Stop Working?
  236. Review on new Projects
  237. Big problem syncing to OF on iPad
  238. Some date changes aren't 'sticking'?
  239. Timezone change impacted due dates.
  240. Checkboxes on right instead of left! Annoying!
  241. Flags
  242. OmniFocus 1.1 for iPad is now available!
  243. Parallel vs Sequential Action Groups
  244. Setup Perspectives on iPad?
  245. Omnifocus - the radar in the cockpit
  246. Filter out completed items in iPad?
  247. Map points for context with multiple locations?
  248. Recurring events with future due dates showing as "past" in forecast
  249. iPad Aesthetics :-(
  250. Weekly review 'issues'