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  1. OmniOutliner for the iPhone
  2. OmniOutliner 4 and iPad (Updated 7/23/10)
  3. Ideas for Automating OO to Outliner till OO iPad is out?
  4. Request: Freeform Input in OmniOutliner for iPad
  5. OmniOutliner for iPad ETA
  6. OO for iPad and Dropbox
  7. Wishlist for iPad
  8. OO compatible iPad data format?
  9. What's the status of OmniOutliner for iPad? [A: Now available on App Store!]
  10. OmniOutliner for iPad sneak peek video from Macworld 2011
  11. OmniOutliner Pro for iPad Browser Bookmarking
  12. OO iPad - Sync vs Import/Export? [A: Import/Export; mail ninjas to request sync.]
  13. Outdent with External Keyboard?
  14. It's out! Tastes great!
  15. Automatic document synchronization? Dropbox integration?
  16. Copy/Paste a node? [A: Not in v1.0.1, coming soon!]
  17. Print or PDF output? [A: Open feature request: please email support ninjas.]
  18. Filenames w/chars like "ä" cause error exporting to O. Sync Server. [Bug; will fix.]
  19. Request: Audio Notes
  20. Can I export/copy a formatted file to Pages?
  21. Please send feature requests and bug reports via email!
  22. Transfering oo3 documents via itunes
  23. Great product - some suggestions
  24. Document picker shows OO for iPad graphic
  25. DropDAV compatibility issues
  26. Total cell at the end of the document
  27. How to export to iDisk? [A: Share button beneath file in document picker.]
  28. Using Omni Sync Server for WebDAV "Sync"
  29. Working With Notes?
  30. Opml->OO? [A: Convert to OO by pressing on Send icon]
  31. Attachments
  32. Is there a Search/Find Function? [A: Open feature request; email support.]
  33. Custom Currency Number style
  34. Shared templates
  35. request: TextExpander support & linking
  36. How to apply styling to levels? [A: See thread.]
  37. File Browser woes
  38. Resizing images?
  39. Add support for bullets in "Numbering" options? [A: open feat. req. - email support.]
  40. How to enter multiple lines in a row? [A: Added in 1.1]
  41. OmniOutliner for iPad is now available!
  42. Document interchange with other iPad apps?
  43. A little "crashy"
  44. Can't copy text from OO?
  45. Export to WebDAV problem
  46. OO Pro and OO iPad
  47. Best drawing/doodling app to use with OOiP
  48. Soft Return?
  49. Priorities
  50. Checkboxes
  51. Using iPad version without desktop
  52. Data protection
  53. Value versus functionality
  54. Error importing from iDisk
  55. OmniOutliner to OmniFocus inbox?
  56. Editing a Column of Checkboxes
  57. Parent group totals
  58. Brick Wall for new user :-(
  59. Speed Tests
  60. Viewing to a specific level
  61. "bad URL" message on exports (other than text)
  62. Diacritical Marks and Bluetooth Keyboard error
  63. Numbering styles currently broken
  64. How to get documents into a word processor?
  65. CopyAll and Themes
  66. Error saving webdav credentials
  67. Collaborating on an outline?
  68. Send via Mail, Simple HTML- text flow hampered
  69. New App Proposal: OmniNotes
  70. Use OPML file with Mindmeister and export to rtf-File
  71. Copying or Duplicating Elements
  72. Lock documents
  73. OmniOutliner iPad international pricing
  74. Paste list
  75. You can have dropbox syncing!!
  76. Viewing the outline
  77. iWork and sync
  78. Omni Sync Server Folders Possible
  79. Do Named Styles match between Mac and iPad?
  80. Keynote export
  81. iCloud Plans?
  82. OmniOutliner for iPad v1.0.2 is now available!
  83. Templates from Mac version of OO3
  84. Mailing outline to Evernote
  85. Expand all rows?
  86. Losing documents
  87. iThoughts "Send To" OOiP
  88. Check/Uncheck All
  89. Where are my templates?
  90. Document Tutorial or How-to Video
  91. Adjusting line height
  92. OmniOutliner for iPad 1.0.3 is now available!
  93. how to import text into OO?
  94. Exporting? PDF?
  95. documents
  96. Sum numbers in columns?
  97. Search and Filtering?
  98. add "group" under item
  99. Anyone found a Dropbox "open file" workaround?
  100. Sync Sync Sync
  101. Automate syncing?
  102. OmniOutliner is my number 1 iPad app!
  103. + button functionality not intuitive
  104. OmniOutliner for iPad 1.1.3 now available!
  105. integration with Keynote
  106. Editing existing lines of text and copy pasting from one outline to another
  107. Send to App for HTML
  108. Good way to sync OO between iPad and Mac
  109. Sending/Syncing OmniOutliner docs to the iPhone
  110. Totals of rows with ticked check box?
  111. inserting mp3's pictures and movies?
  112. Copy rows from one outline to another outline
  113. 9 steps to change text color?
  114. Size of .oo3 file after WebDAV export
  115. 1.1.3 Fails to Store WebDav Settings
  116. Jump to Bottom of Outline
  117. zoom inline image
  118. Syncing thru iTunes question
  119. OmniOutliner not an option in "Open In..." Dialogue [A: iOS 5 bug]
  120. Automator or script to keep outlines synced?
  121. No datepicker for date fields?
  122. Configurable Toolbar option?
  123. Yeah!! Dropbox does work with outliner for iPad
  124. Document backup
  125. OO iPad and dropbox
  126. OmniOutliner slow in opening large file
  127. I just can't figure out how to use OO for a simple paper
  128. OmniOutliner for iPad 1.2 now available!
  129. How can I hide the templates?
  130. Column Search and Filters
  131. Copying styles
  132. OmniOutliner + Dropbox (via dropdav.com)
  133. dictation and OO for iPad
  134. OmniOutliner for iPad 1.2.1 now available!
  135. Are there file size limits?
  136. my OmniOutliner for iPad doesn't work with WebDAV
  137. Exporting to create a document
  138. C'mon!!! [Request for document sync & file management; both being worked on.]
  139. Creating templates
  140. Where's the Notes Button? [A: Right side of bottom toolbar. See pic in thread.]
  141. [Request] Multiple export feature and Folder
  142. All Level 1 Rows style?
  143. The challenge of syncing OmniOutliner—solved!
  144. Crashing, crashing, crashing
  145. can I sort Level 1 only?
  146. Format a column?
  147. Default styles for new documents
  148. Notetaking with OmniOutliner
  149. Workable workflow?
  150. iDisk Replacement
  151. adding zip archive to export
  152. How I sync ...
  153. Omni Sync Server question
  154. Exporting to an OPML app then PDF
  155. OmniOutliner for iPad 1.3 now available!
  156. Recommendations for keyboard case?
  157. OmniOutliner for iPad 1.3.2 now available!
  158. DropDav and DropBox export problem
  159. Send to app as Plain Text (tabs vs spaces)
  160. using Outlines (from OmniOutliner on iPad) on Windows PC
  161. Writing with OmniOutliner for iPad and Wndows
  162. OmniOutliner 4 compatibility
  163. Record button?
  164. OmniOutliner for iPad 1.4.3 now available!
  165. Bug in new Audio Record feature - Fixed in 1.4.1
  166. Brown menu bars in OOL/iPad--feature request
  167. Upgrade Price
  168. no notes span?
  169. Send OmniGraffle to OO app
  170. On iPad how to copy Dropbox files to omni sync server?
  171. Images for Speaker Notes
  172. OmniOutliner for iPad 1.5.2 with OmniPresence support now available!
  173. Managing large number of documents on iPad
  174. Has OmniPresence broken numbering?
  175. OO spell checking on iPad
  176. OmniPresence Animated Icon
  177. OmniPresence
  178. I want to write a simple paper on my iPad using Omnioutliner and Pages
  179. Lost formatting
  180. Learning from the competition ?
  181. OmniOutliner 2 may become a workhorse.
  182. iPad OO2 to task management
  183. V2 is a new product/purchase? [A: Yes - see thread.]
  184. Sections in oo2?
  185. Open in pages
  186. PDF export
  187. Image Support?
  188. OmniOutliner 1 for iPad restore
  189. Where is Folders icon?
  190. Time stamp
  191. OO2: better external keyboard use, but ...
  192. Formatting Issues with my Outlines
  193. Changing the style of column titles ?
  194. OmniOutliner 2.0.4 for iPad now available
  195. Possible bug:ErrorDomain error 1
  196. OO4 Documents Misbehaving on iPad
  197. TextExpander support
  198. "Focus" in OO for iPad?
  199. Rearranging columns in OO2 for iPad