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  1. OmniPlan for iPad is coming Thursday, June 7th!
  2. OmniPlan for iPad is here
  3. Sync between iPad and MacBook
  4. Will Omniplan output to pdf or print [now available in v1.1]
  5. Webdav bug
  6. Will OmniPlan for iPad open Microsoft Project files?
  7. First observations...
  8. Scheduling Problem
  9. Made Mistake of Buying - Read This Before You Buy [no PDF export in 1.0]
  10. Editing a calendar block
  11. Sync between ipad and Desktop
  12. Sharing Resources Across Projects
  13. Export requirements
  14. Start Constraint Question
  15. Edit Dependencies?
  16. Refuses to publish
  17. Request for basic feature
  18. Jerky scrolling if granularity other than Exact
  19. Proper WebDAV settings for iPad omniplan access
  20. Separating task effort from duration
  21. Web editing
  22. OmniPlan 1.7 and iPad Sync question
  23. Cost Estimates for Milestones or Groups
  24. Bug on french iPad
  25. Reorder tasks
  26. Show Resource Load
  27. How to mark a milestone as complete?
  28. IS OP iPad destructive in any way?
  29. OP iPad and OP Mac V1.7
  30. Companion or Stand Alone App?
  31. Resource Tracking
  32. Calendar Still Screwing Up if Region Other than US
  33. Will omniplan ever sync with omnifocus?
  34. Print to PDF - issues?
  35. Sync issue
  36. calendar, todos and projects
  37. How to Balance Resources Among Multiple Projects
  38. Bug # Move
  39. Calendar Exceptions - how to use?
  40. Project entering
  41. Level load not working?
  42. Feature request: Quick entry for project tasks
  43. Week numbers
  44. WebDAV setup not working on iPad app
  45. Synching custom fields from OP OSX?
  46. Feature request: Resource cost/hour that changes with time
  47. Print PDF in landscape
  48. Urgent: Pop-Up Calendar. Not-Urgent but Indispensable: MS Project Integration
  49. How to change the start of a project
  50. Help setting OP up right for IPAD and MAC use
  51. OmniPlan for iPhone???
  52. Cannot view synced OmniPlan documents on my iPad
  53. Omnisync Workflow
  54. Christmas Dinner Planning
  55. Sync with iCal - Extra-Time/Off-Time
  56. Sync with ical
  57. Export to PDF not working?
  58. New feature
  59. Task Dependencies - Must start at commencement of another task
  60. End Constraints
  61. start date
  62. Bug or unimplemented feature?
  63. Feature request: Inherit group colour when adding new task
  64. Project opens in 1843
  65. Can't add task before certain date
  66. OmniPlan iPad for tracking students progress
  67. Smallest time unit?
  68. MS Project add-in bug? [Resolved!]
  69. issues with iPad syncing ?
  70. Syncing / Change Tracking issue or bug