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  1. OmniOutliner 4 upgrade pricing?
  2. OmniOutliner 3 bundle licenses upgrade-eligible? [A: yes]
  3. OmniOutliner 4 on PPC
  4. OmniOutliner 4 is now in public testing
  5. What are the new features?
  6. discussing tester's edition
  7. styles
  8. Syncing to iPad?
  9. Sending Feedback
  10. Quick Look & File Icons
  11. Bug Reports & Updates
  12. Edit Link
  13. Markdown Support
  14. Add AppleScript to toolbar?
  15. sidebar styling
  16. Shade of gray in bullets (and an Omni 'look')
  17. 100% CPU on latest build
  18. Displaying Note of hoisted Topic
  19. File format
  20. prefix/suffix on numbering
  21. OO needs filters - and here's why
  22. Where are templates stored?
  23. Shortcuts amiss
  24. Switching between edit mode and selection mode
  25. What's "Row padding"?
  26. Zoom Out???
  27. Presumably old versions of iPad OmniOutliner are not available?
  28. Headers and Footers
  29. Split row at cursor does not work properly!
  30. Toolbar Icons: color? B&W? Scripts icons
  31. Sidebar display
  32. word wrap
  33. OO Wish List
  34. Website to Outline...
  35. Print Selected rows?
  36. Pasted graphic display/hide triangle?
  37. New build ETA?
  38. Images/PDFs inline, control/viewing?
  39. OO4 vs OO4 Pro
  40. Adjust indent?
  41. Font panel not fully working
  42. Splitting an item sends it to the end
  43. Quick Look support?
  44. Can't export from Focussed view
  45. High CPU usage for OmniOutliner 4?
  46. Inspector
  47. Footnotes Function?
  48. Latest upgrade crashes every time
  49. WHY did styles change? [A quick overview of how styles work]
  50. Inline image viewing - resizing?
  51. Problem printing
  52. Reading and writing Markdown outlines
  53. Inversible deference
  54. Missing feature: Auto-Save [bug: column title edits-in-progress not saving]
  55. Printing Notes Compression?
  56. Highlighting Colours - Any Intention to Expand Palette of Colours Available? [Already customizable.]
  57. Mavericks Significant Energy?
  58. Sums?
  59. No sidebar = empty sidebar
  60. Quick-look vanished? [Now fixed.]
  61. OmniOutliner 4 test builds crash in menu validation [between r198297 and r198325]
  62. Column Grouping?
  63. Voice Entry?
  64. Omnioutliner 4 and 10.9
  65. Sidebar "Whole Document" item unnecessary?
  66. Styles inconsistency
  67. Horizontal scrollbar in sidebar?
  68. Styles for pasted text
  69. Stupid question: sidebar nav..
  70. Estimating time
  71. Got message to buy OO4
  72. Template Themes
  73. sidebar bug fixed
  74. Joining selected Rows
  75. Delaying OO on iphone was understandable until the 2nd releases of existing ipad/iphone apps
  76. Any new applescript features?
  77. Flickering in the Resource Browser?
  78. Memory and CPU usage
  79. Column Width
  80. OmniOutliner 4 is now available!
  81. Undo doesn't on layout orientation
  82. Image titles are gone?
  83. Not until there's OO for iPhone
  84. Microsoft Word Export is not working?
  85. Can't open omnioutliner pro.app version 4.0 downloaded from Apple App store
  86. Section List? (Standard v Pro)
  87. Where is the applescript folder in Library for OO4?
  88. File format for OO4
  89. Row Padding (Standard vs. Pro)
  90. feature request - hashtags
  91. Is there a way to paste a rough text outline and get to just work in OO?
  92. Inspector
  93. OO3 keeps calling me back
  94. App Store vs. Omni Store versions?
  95. Cannot paste (or import) from OmniOutliner to OmniFocus
  96. Where is "Show Ruler" menu item ?
  97. Poor highlighter colour rendering in RTF export?
  98. OmniOutliner Manual
  99. How Do I Use It?
  100. Summary Row Formatting
  101. Just to say, I'm very much enjoying OmniOutliner 4
  102. Is it safe?
  103. Automatic Labels & Formatting
  104. How can I tell which template or theme I'm using?
  105. Alert: nil colorSpace....
  106. Row numbering and column sorting
  107. Tabbing does more then expected
  108. date format resets when opening in version 3
  109. Keyboard focus
  110. Add indent/outdent to title bar
  111. How do I indent only Level 5 rows?
  112. Feature request - collapse to level X
  113. Scripts folder
  114. Sidebar background color
  115. Top titlebar gone in new template?
  116. Can I import from Bento?
  117. sorting
  118. OO4 Pro - Clipping Service?
  119. Outliner Templates
  120. Wanted: Tabbed views
  121. OmniOutliner 4.0.2 now available on MAS and for direct download
  122. Move bug in 4.0.1
  123. Formatting question
  124. Keynote cannot open exported file
  125. Printing Selected Rows
  126. AppleScript Changes in OmniOutliner 4
  127. Setting request: to not print column
  128. Feature Request
  129. export an OO column to keynote presenter notes
  130. Resource Browser: can I add a folder?
  131. Time sheet template
  132. printing coloured columns
  133. Keep text column from expanding items?
  134. Resource Browser: show in list format?
  135. Publishing Lists Online?
  136. Guide to writing export plugins?
  137. Table in OO4
  138. An OO to Taskpaper export plugin
  139. Quote Characters
  140. Upgrade pricing from v.4 Standard to v.4 Pro?
  141. Markdown export broken
  142. F5 key not working for applying styles?
  143. Eta to OO on iphone now that OO4 is out?
  144. using bullets for row numbers
  145. Is there a way to use OO with Evernote?
  146. Customizing OO Docs with company logo
  147. Thanks for scripting and XML!
  148. Export to Powerpoint/Keynote?
  149. How do I clear styles?
  150. Typography features?
  151. Different Colors for Numbers
  152. Format row number issue
  153. Making styles all caps, small caps, capitalized...
  154. Create a marker to audio time code?
  155. Word count?
  156. Duration Summary limits / work-around?
  157. Export outline with images to word?
  158. OmniOutliner 4.0.3 now available!
  159. How to insert Papers2 magic citation citekey?
  160. Pasting Rows
  161. How do I eliminate to do buttons on each row?
  162. Use search or find for multiple words?
  163. Larger checkboxes
  164. General Tip: Command () + Enter For Entering to Cell View
  165. Import data into omnioutliner
  166. Import data into omnioutliner
  167. Templates repository?
  168. Outiner hangs on save.
  169. Padding only below last row in a group of rows
  170. Setting export format with Applescript
  171. New OO4 search box design is so inefficient. Here's a side by side screencast comparison with OO3
  172. Pasting Text into an Outline
  173. How do you decide between using a note or sub-rows
  174. File name at top of a printout
  175. OO Bulk Export Script and How To Sync And View Your OO Collection On Your iPhone/PC/devices
  176. Selecting all top level rows?
  177. Horizontal Outlines
  178. What happened to Show Outline Title
  179. OmniOutliner 4.0.4 available for direct download
  180. Highlight colour for Find results
  181. Request - Shortcut chart
  182. 4.0.5 test builds to address top reported crasher
  183. Export to Excel
  184. Importing text with tabs in it: Way to ignore tabs and not create columns?
  185. .oo3 File Extension
  186. Level styles for only part of a document?
  187. OmniOutliner 4.0.6 now available!
  188. Handles Disappear after Paste
  189. styles
  190. Changing Link Colour
  191. Solarized Dark level styles theme?
  192. Enjoying OO4 - but how to hyperlink a name to a URL?
  193. Is it possible to flag a row?
  194. Exporting links from OO 4
  195. Freeze or lock rows and columns (Feature request)
  196. Change the main column
  197. embed vs link to attachments
  198. Tabs like in OneNote?
  199. Cannot create a keyboard shortcut
  200. Possible to Import Anything?
  201. How do I tell where the "conflict" is?
  202. Yet another noob question about children styles.
  203. way to control copy/paste formatting to other apps?
  204. Feature Request: Filters
  205. Is it possible to do any kind of metadata-based search in OO?