View Full Version : Option for blank tabs

2006-07-14, 01:39 PM
Can we get an option to have the first tab in a window automatically show the start page, with subsequent tabs opening up blank? It's more than a little irritating opening a new tab, hitting Command-L to hit the address bar, start typing, and have what I've typed replaced with the address of the start page.

2006-07-22, 12:39 AM
I agree with this one, I hate opening new tabs and waiting for my home page to load before being able to do anything. New tabs starting with blank as an option would be great.

2006-07-22, 06:02 AM
yeah, this is the main reason I just set my start page to blank.

2006-07-24, 05:35 PM
But if you set the start page to blank, you have no "home" page per se. I'd rather have a separate "start page" and a "home" page.

For example, I set google as my home (in OW, "start") page. But I'd rather have new windows open blank -- while still having a "home" button to easily get Google. This is how I set up Safari, Fx, Camino and Opera.

2006-07-24, 05:57 PM
I concur. I would probably use a "home page" if it didn't load each time I opened new page.

2007-01-18, 04:42 PM
I auto-save my workspaces and always keep at least a couple tabs open between sessions (and I keep OmniWeb open all the time otherwise), so I only see my start page when I create a new tab.

The way that would work for me would be to have a start page defined but to only go to it when I use the Shift+Command+Left shortcut. That way I could be at peace with blank new tabs.

Well, that's not too necessary after all, because all I need to do is bookmark my preferred start page and put it on the Favorites Bar, perhaps with no name. Then, I can simply use a Command+number shortcut to show it if I want. I wonder if this was the developers' thinking.

2007-01-23, 09:00 AM
Save your workspace with your desired home page loaded and set your Start page: preference to blank in the OmniWeb General preferences. Result - loading the workspace (or starting the browser) will open at your preferred home page, and all new tabs will be blank.