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2006-07-18, 07:28 PM
I read a few different forums, all of whose URLS start with "forums.". I was getting the shits with OW as it keeps all pages in each forum in its history, so when I'd type 'for' into the address bar I'd get a massive list of pages, and trying to find the top page for each forum in that list was going my head in.

Lo and behold, I discovered it will also match strings in the middle of the URL, so now I can type 'xyx' and it will only display pages from "forum.xyz.com". Brilliant :)

Yes, I'm aware that this may have been in OW for ages, but it's cool nonetheless, and Safari doesn't do it.

Good work people!

2006-07-20, 06:16 PM
yeah, I've always liked this. So you can type a url fragment like "wiki" to see all wikis you've visited or bookmarked -- even if you forgot the beginning of the url.