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2006-07-26, 10:01 AM
How about having the popup text field editor allow WYSIWYG for bbcode? I believe this has been mentioned before. It should be an option, with a checkbox in the toolbar of the editor. When enabled, changing things in the font panel or whatever should, behind the scenes, write bbcode.

I think that most of it is standard over the different forum software. If there are differences, there could be a sniffer to find out which software is being used (obviously only reliable if the theme hasn't been changed too much), or a popup menu letting the user choose.


2006-07-26, 10:20 AM
An interesting idea, but I think it's best left up to each forum to implement this. The main reasons being each one does implement BBCode differently. With the big pre-packaged forums (phpbb, smf, vB) the implementations of BBCode are known to change as well. Additionally, each of those can be configured to limit or change how the BBCode functions.

So not only would the OG have to work around the different implementations of BBCode, and not only would they have to work around how it changes with the big forum players, but they would also have to work around how each install is configured. IMHO, I wouldn't even want to touch the support aspect of that, let alone the development.

<joke>Support requests may sound something like this:

WHIEL USNG UR R I WAS UNABLE 2 ADIT BCOD3 ON ssshotaru.homestead.com/files/aolertranslator.html PLZ!!!!11!1! LOL FIX THIS!!11!!!! WTF LOL</joke>

2006-07-26, 11:53 AM
Yeah, I guess. It'd be nice if they did the standards... bold, italic, img, url and quote. As far as I know they stay pretty constant over multiple forum softwares, and url and quote are two that people make a mess of fairly often.

But I guess I'll understand if it's too complicated.

Don't suppose OW has a plug-in API that could support this? I could give it a try myself...

2006-07-26, 01:47 PM
For basic stuff like that, it might be nice. I was thinking of some of the more complex options (glow, marquee, tables...) Still, some sites disable even some of the basics. Also, some sites don't offer it at all. Even URLs can be handled different ways.