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2006-10-04, 11:14 AM
Heres my request.

I would like to see a option to set how you want your download status and such to be viewed.

Now, personally for me hitting the download button in the navigation bar or key shortcut to bring up the download panel (a new separate window) isn't exactly something I'm a big fan of, mostly because it just opens up another window that I have to switch to and end up closing to get my screen real estate back. I believe this is why the tab feature is so popular these days, because you don't have another whole new window.

Anyways, I would like to see something like maybe when you hit the download button, it does something kinda similar to bookmarks button, such as it replaces the current window with the download status of everything, but doesn't take up the entire window like bookmarks does instead it take a small bottom portion of it, and moves the current webpage up a bit to make room.

Also make it an option so people can choose if they want to use the download panel method or within the main window, heck you could even make it interchangeable if you wanna be creative, such as drag the download panel onto the main window and it integrates into the fashion I said above, as well as pulling it out. I guess you could also make it a tabbed thing, but I personally prefer it not be that way, then again another option?

- Sincerely,
a real estate freak.

P.S. if they has been posted already, sorry.