View Full Version : Remove tabs from Workspaces

2006-11-02, 07:00 PM
I ran into a url that consistently hangs OW. I reported it in the relevant forum.

unfortunately, that hang required a force-quit, and every relaunch of OW brought up the same hanging url amongst many other tabs that I don't want to have to rebuild.

after three tries, I pressed Shift while relaunching OW to create a new blank workspace. I then opened Workspaces and hoped that I could delete the one tab in my workspace that was hanging OW. can't be done!

my only chance was to launch OW and click on the Close button of the hanging tab before it had time to affect OW. I managed to do this successfully on the second try.

my request: that we can delete tabs from within the Workspace dialog. it would probably be used very rarely but it would be very useful when it's needed.