View Full Version : Something like (FF) Web Developer extension?

2006-11-19, 03:53 PM
I find the 'Web Developer' extension in FireFox extremely useful for tasks like experimentally tweaking CSS and seeing the impact on a page, or playing with the HTML the same way.

Is there anything like this for OW?


2006-11-20, 06:59 PM
You can view source on any page, edit the html and redisplay to have it show up. You can't do this with external css and such yet though.

2006-11-22, 07:31 AM
not quite what you're looking for, but you can implement the web inspector from the nightly webkit builds in OW. a very nice feature.

2006-11-25, 09:29 AM
Thanks for the hints - I know about these options. And use them some.

But they are pretty limited compared to Web Developer in FF.


2006-12-02, 07:19 AM
You can use the web inspector. Right-click on a page element, choose "inspect element".

If you want more, try the program CSSEdit 2.0