View Full Version : Easier Flash blocking

2006-04-27, 05:46 PM
I'd love to be able to right-click a Flash animation and have the context menu include a "filter" option like it does with jpgs.

Mad Hatter
2006-04-28, 07:30 AM
There needs to be a site pref for Flash. There might be a site that I want flash, but I surely do not want to see it enabled for any and everyone. (I disliked so many of the flash content sites I tend to remove it totally. When I did install it recently this week, there were permission errors with all of the internet plug-in components.)

Also, I hate it when there is an ad that is speaking - I don't have any idea what to do there. java and javascript are disabled by default, and made sure it is disabled (InfoWorld).

So do I need a volume control or some way to disable? I use Flip4Mac and that is about the only time I would expect sound output. (Note to Apple: does QuickTime player HAVE to have volume always default to LOUDest? why can't there be a preference for that? even WMP can.)