View Full Version : Text search (cmd-F) in web pages

2006-04-29, 12:43 AM
(one more thing... ;) , sorry)

The text search with cmd-F and cmd-G is effective and extremely fast and I like it as it is.

I'd only like an in some way brighter marking of the found string. IMO it's often difficult to see the highlighted string on a screen with a lot of text and colourful backgrounds.

2006-04-29, 12:58 AM
The color of highlight is dependent upon your selection of the various colors in the appearance panel of the system preferences. It's a system wide thing, so the only way I know how to change it would be to change the color the system selects

2006-04-29, 01:22 AM
It's a system wide thing...

Yes, that's why I'd like a more visible highlighting method, e. g. by making the found string - optionally - "boxed" (HyperCard stylish) or something else.

The system wide highlight colors usually are very pallid, and I don't want to change it because so much - also the OW tab frame color - dipends on it.