View Full Version : Enhance Search Shortcut editing

2006-04-29, 09:25 AM
While checking out the creation of search shortcuts in SP7, I noticed that the shortcuts created from the search box on the All Music Guide home page include a "token" parameter with a long hex value. My SWAG is this is some form of browser session id or registered user id.

Suspecting that the shortcut would work fine (or even better) without the token value, I tried to delete it. However, all I can manage to do is select a parameter. Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, double-click, and drag have no effect.

If I manually create a shortcut, I can modify the Name, Keyword, URL and Method. But there appears to be no way to add a Parameter.

While exploring the Shortcut Preferences panel, I discovered that clicking the Name, Keyword, Parameter and Value column headers makes them blink. But nothing else happens. I expected the lists to sort by the selected column values. That would actually be useful for long lists, especially being able to sort the shortcuts by Name.

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