View Full Version : spoofing query

2006-05-11, 04:12 PM
In order to get gmail to work, I have to spoof as FF, and to get google calendars to work, I have to spoof as IE 6.0 Windows. This is not particularly crucial because I don't use gcalendar, but would it be possible to spoof as two different browsers to the same domain; e.g., FF to gmail.google.com and IE to www.google.com/calendar ?


2006-05-12, 10:55 AM
I've got the same issue with google's services.

For gmail, I don't spoof and it works fine. (Aside from not getting the Firefox-enabled chat option.)

But when I switch to google maps or google local or whatever they call it, I spoof Safari to keep from getting shoved into the minimally useful "html" interface.

But somehow, when spoofing Safari 2, gmail becomes inoperable.

Getting google to fix their browser sniffing code is probably chasing after the wind.

Being able to further narrow the site prefs to the hostname would be useful for a few sites like Google's where the services vary greatly from hostname to hostname.