View Full Version : Download indication for files that are being downloaded

2006-05-20, 12:31 AM
One of Safari's features I miss the most in OmniWeb is the way icons of files that are being downloaded are updated in the Finder to reflect how much of that file has been downloaded already. It's really useful, and I would really like to see that in OW one day. If that's too fancy, a different icon for files that are in the process of being downloaded would already be enough; I sometimes find myself clicking on files only to be told that the file is damaged, and I subsequently find out that OW is still downloading it. By just looking at the file's icon in the Finder, it is impossible to tell, since it is no different from a "regular" file.

2006-05-21, 02:52 PM
I second that motion... I was actually going to suggest this. It's hard to keep track when dl'ing multiple files and trying to figure out which ones are complete and which ones aren't. This would help out

2006-05-21, 10:45 PM
Ah, that feature that IE for OS 8.5 (?) had ... (I remember having a strange bug with that that kept the file progress bar from appearing and spending a very long trying to fix it ...)

(Anyway, I didn't know Safari did this.)

With the sneaky peeks there is actually something that will (usually) indicate that a file is done downloading: the mod date changes. I noticed this change immediately when using the sneaky peeks (I'm guessing it's from Web Kit), since I'm lazy and never clean out my downloads folder. It's sorted by date, so new downloads come up on top. Not anymore. But I'm on the fence about this, since it is (I think) a good thing to have the "actual" mod date of a file when you download it, say, for software. (It seems like a silly thing to me, but maybe others would find it useful to have a site specific option to not set the mod date of downloads to that given by the server, so they appear modified at the time they were downloaded.)

2006-05-22, 10:23 AM
I pretty much use the download window for everything. In fact, I have my files download to different folders based on the site. I hardly ever go to the folder in which the file downloaded. If I want to open a file after it downloads, I use the download window.