View Full Version : Safari "Private Browsing"

2006-05-21, 02:59 AM
Are there any plans to support a similar feature to Safari's "Private Browsing" in OmniWeb 5.5 ?


2006-05-21, 11:54 AM
ah yes.. porn..i mean private browsing mode...

2006-05-29, 09:19 AM
ah yes.. porn..i mean private browsing mode...
Well, it's the "browse without your wife knowing about it" mode, but I tend to use it for buying presents, ordering flowers and the like. Stuff I don't want her to see in "History".

Of course, if you use it for porn browsing, it will do that too :)

Len Case
2006-05-30, 11:19 AM
There is not a private browsing mode that works like Safari--there is the start of a private browsing mode available from the debug menu, but it won't work with many websites because it totally disables cookies.

I have been thinking about ideas for private browsing but new features (beyond those in the new webkit) are not a goal for 5.5.

2006-06-07, 05:46 PM
I was hoping that the Private Browsing would also make it into OW 5.5. This is definitely my favorite new feature of Safari 2. I found about this within a few seconds of trying out Safari 2. Very useful if I'm not at home (work, Apple store, etc.) and want to browse around and be able to erase my tracks (Amazon, bank, webmail, etc.).

2006-06-08, 05:17 AM
I can live without it. If I do some browsing at work and want to clear my tracks, I'd rather just clear history, cache, and cookies. I like that feature in FF 1.5, BTW. A single command to clear user-selectable privacy-related items would be nice. I configure FF to clear temporary cookies, cache, history, and downloads.