View Full Version : Optional delay to close download window

2006-05-22, 09:07 AM
One thing I like about Saft for Safari is the ability to specifiy a delay for closing the d/l window after a d/l is complete. I don't particularly want this window open all the time, so I have it set to close on completion in OW (and other browsers).

But with Saft I can have it close after 30 or 60 sec, so that I still have a chance to double-click a downloaded DMG (for example) without needing to navigate to my downloads folder in the Finder.

2006-05-24, 07:19 PM
That's an interesting idea; never thought about it. I guess now that OW gives downloads their "original" modification time, this sort of a thing might be really nice, so you don't have to go to the downloads folder and search through loads of things that are now no longer in the order they were downloaded (which I never get to cleaning up).