View Full Version : Open Links from Other Applications in:

2006-05-24, 07:23 AM
I've never been quite happy with the options for this setting. Opening in the current window is right out, because it may move me off a page I'm not done with. Opening in a new window is also out, because if I open a bunch of links from my RSS reader, I don't want a ton of windows open.

Opening in a new tab is almost correct. The problem is that if the only windows Omniweb has open at the time are minimized, it will maximize one of them and put the tab there. I think this behavior is incorrect.... when I minimize a window, it means I want to come back to that window but not now. Usually, its tabs indicate some flow of previous state. When new links come from other applications, I don't want them to mingle with that state, but rather they should come in the foremost window or a new window, if there is no foremost window.

So, my suggestion is that the "open in new tab" not apply to minimized windows. If Omniweb only has minimized windows, then it should create a new window and tab for the incoming link. That is all.