View Full Version : Crash OW button

2006-05-24, 04:55 PM
This would just be for SP's... it would be nice if there was a "crash OW" button. Basically, when OW gets a little out of line, rather than trying to quit it, have it lock up, then having to force quit it OW would simply quit and crash catcher would launch to report what was going on when it crashed. Maybe even take a sample or 10 seconds before it quits.

2006-05-24, 07:59 PM
Sounds like a useful thing, even for non-sneaky peeks. I tried opening the crash catching app, but it said it couldn't get the crash data. Needing to hit an OW button doesn't exactly seem like the best idea when there's something wrong with it. But you'd always be able to open the crash catcher app.