View Full Version : Workspaces and Tab Drawer Titles

2006-06-01, 02:40 PM
These are a couple of requests that I've asked for in OW before via email. Reposting here to see if anyone else agrees with me.

1) Workspaces. I think they are great. However I tend to use them mainly as sets of Bookmarks that represent related daily browsing. So I have a Tech News workspace, a BBC News workspace, an Online Banking workspace, etc. I have the odd temporary workspace if I'm researching something, but generally they are for regular browsing. So not being able to edit the URL's without opening the workspace, adding a tab, inserting the URL is a bit of a pain. I think it would be much easier if Workspaces were just folders of Bookmarks with a "Use as Workspace" checkbox with sub folders representing windows with multiple tabs. If you think about it the data stored as Workspaces are really just bookmarks with a few extra options.

Basically I'd like the Workspaces window folded into the Bookmarks window.

2) I like using OW's Tab drawer, I think it is much better than the horizontal toolbar of other web browsers. I do however sometimes use the list view so that there is no preview of the website. Why? Because with my daily browsing habits I know what order the tabs are in, so I don't need the visual cue. However if I'm browsing multiple sections of news.bbc.co.uk as I do every day, the beginning titles of the tabs are all similar. Therefore it would be nice if the titles in the tab drawer would wrap onto multiple lines so I can see the whole title. To be honest it would be useful even when I've got the previews open as if there are multiple articles from the same website the preview may not be of help.