View Full Version : Tab Exposť feature

2006-06-04, 09:47 AM
Would be great to get a Tab Exposť feature just like in Shiira project.


2006-06-04, 09:56 AM
Would love to see this too!!!

2006-06-04, 06:05 PM
Uhh... why? The tab thumbnails are all that's necessary! What would be gained by spending lots of time coding a totally useless feature that generates larger-but-still-unreadable-thumbnails? I would much rather that the OmniFolks focus on getting the various bugs and unfinished features completed, and then adding PRACTICAL features, like Atom feed support.

"Tab Exposť" is one of the most ridiculous features I've ever seen. If you want bigger thumbnails, then make your tab drawer bigger!

2006-06-05, 03:54 AM
Please no. This is one of many Shiira gimmicks. Next people will be asking for the ridiculous page flip effects.

2006-06-06, 12:12 PM
Please no!

2006-06-20, 08:01 AM
Another NO vote from me. It destroys the window and tab metaphor.

2006-07-05, 08:00 PM
I don't think it's practical since the thumbnails are preset.

But what about a feature where you can drag tabs between Workspaces much like you can with tabs between windows.

Grab tab>Workspace Exposť>Drop on window (preference to bring to front or not) or maybe it's easier to have a Action menu/Rt-click option Send tab to Workspace ...

2006-07-05, 09:55 PM
the workspace window lets you do that now, though it's not so fancy.