View Full Version : Drag a link to an inactive workspace

2006-06-05, 10:11 PM
I've many a-times tried to drag a link from an active browser address bar into an inactive workspace, only to find that this functionality does work.

Case for the request: OW is well suited, even optimized, for research. The workspace palette is is well-designed to manage various research directions. Sometimes I think to look up something for one line of research when I'm performing another - or two are closely enough matched that occasionally work a topic suits both.

When coming across a link that is best saved under a non-active workspace it would be good to be able to add it to that workspace via drag-and-drop.

The current solutions are:
- open the link its own window - then in the workspace palette drag that window item from the active workspace onto the name of an inactive workspace
- copy the link to the pasteboard, active the target workspace, open a new tab/window, access the link, re-active the previous (and primary-active) workspace.