View Full Version : Mark all RSS feeds as read and easier adding of them

2006-06-13, 07:12 AM
'Lo all-- There are some great feature requests on this forum, but the one I'd most like to see is the ability to mark RSS (or updated bookmarks) as read from wherever you access the bookmark.

Right now, I can click the Dock icon and up comes a listing of all my updated feeds and bookmarks in nice little folders. And I can mark all the items as read without loading them or reading them. (Handy if you've fallen behind on a lot of BBC feeds.) But that's the only place I can do it. I can't do it from my favorites bar, for example, or from the bookmarks menu, which is where I usually access my updated bookmarks. This seems like a fairly trivial enhancement to add, no? :)

Also, and maybe this is a function of the coding of the web page, but I'd like to be able to click one of those ubiquitous orange "XML" buttons on some webpages, as in here (http://www.dailystar.com.lb/rss.asp?edition_id=10), and have them be added as bookmarks. As it is, they can't be added to OmniWeb very easily because OW doesn't parse them in the page automatically, and they come up as gibberish when I click them.

Actually, just having an RSS aggregator built-in to OW would be awesome.

2006-06-15, 12:38 PM
I too feel OW could do with a little polish in the feed department.

Having pushed my feeds through Feedburner I discovered that OW wasn't autodetecting them and only by using one of the FB's formatted pages does OW read the feed from the published button, but that is their 'Browser Friendly' web page and thus not as a subscribed feed.

Therefore, I have put back in my RSS .92 feed which OW picks up on in the 'Status' bar, could we have something like the Safari/Shiira 'RSS' graphic in the Toolbar please. :)