View Full Version : Ad-block import or is there a file to edit?

2006-06-16, 04:42 PM
I would like to manually add (bulk) a black list for sites. Is there a way to do this with an editor or utility?


2006-06-16, 05:04 PM
There is a .hosts file that you can edit to blacklist ad sites for all browsers. I found it at a site like macosxhints - try hunting there.

2006-06-23, 10:55 PM
You could open up the preference file at:


and add your black list entries this way. They black list is kept in the "OWAddressesToFilter" key.

You'll need a plist editor to edit this. One comes with the Apple Developer Tools or you could get PlistEdit Pro:


Abhi Beckert
2006-06-25, 04:45 PM
You'll wanna go for PlistEdit Pro, Property List Editor is even less suited to entering bulk data than OmniWeb's built in UI. PLE is great for viewing and minor edits, but it borders on useless for anything major.

TextMate also has some pretty nice plist-specific features, but all user friendlyness goes out the window when you're editing the source code.