View Full Version : Arrange toolbar items to the right

2006-06-22, 02:30 PM
This might be a minor issue and is not TOO important ... X-) But for "nice outfit" reasons ;-) I'd like to be able to put some toolbar items to the right end of the toolbar instead of all icons being arranged from left to right.

This could be done as follows: If there is more space in the toolbar than is needed for the particular item to be added: When dragging it to the end of left-to-right arranged items, let it be arranged left-to-right, when dragged to right end of the toolbar or to the left end of right-to-left arranged items. arrange it right-to-left. If, given the size of the window, there is only space left for one icon, use default left-to-right.

Again: Not really important, but would be nice to have. ;-)

2006-06-22, 02:42 PM
I use the Flexible Space option to make that work.

2006-06-29, 12:07 PM
You're right, that does the trick.