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santra 2010-04-03 08:51 AM

What is the resolution?
Did they at least boost OmniGraffle to the higher resolution? Because OF looks awful in full-screen mode on the iPad.

whpalmer4 2010-04-03 08:54 AM

Why don't you look at the videos and decide for yourself? :)


whpalmer4 2010-04-03 03:47 PM

It's a brand new iPad-only app, for crying out loud! There is no OmniGraffle for iPhone/iPod Touch. There is only OmniGraffle for iPad. If you come across or hear of an iPad-only app that only uses an iPhone's worth of the screen, please let me know, this I want to see!

If a developer is going to go to the trouble of making an app that only uses the real estate of the iPhone/iPod, why wouldn't they sell it for both the iPhone/iPod and the iPad? There are only something like 100x as many potential customer devices that way :)

The expanded pictures in the gallery are essentially life-size on my MacBook screen, compared to my iPad. If you really can't tell from a glance whether they are what you want, I'm not sure the difference is significant :)

There are only two OG iPad apps, OmniGraffle for iPad and OmniGraphSketcher for iPad. They are both brand-new applications, written for the iPad.

Brian 2010-04-03 03:50 PM

OmniGraffle and OmniGraphSketcher have no iPhone equivalents - they run at full resolution. What you saw in OmniFocus is what happens when all the pixels in an iPhone app are blown up to 4x in order to fill the larger iPad screen.

Brian 2010-04-03 03:52 PM

Heh, looks like we cross-posted. :-)

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