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MacSparky 2007-12-20 09:10 PM

Please Help with iCal - iPhone syncing
Hey Gang,

I'm reading that the iCal sync has become a lot more stable and I want to try and get the data on to my iPhone.

The sync seems to work fine with calendars built into iCal, but those native calendars don't show up on my IMAP mail account on my iPhone.

Don't I need to create the "calendar" to receive OF syncing on my Mac account? I can do that but then they don't show up in the OF syncing preference pane.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but can't seem to sort it out. Any help is appreciated.


andrewminer 2007-12-26 12:24 PM

Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn't have a to-do list application, so only calendar *events* will show up on your phone. There are a number of solutions to this cooking, but none are quite done yet. Check out the FAT sticky post for the various options people are playing with.

stuville 2007-12-30 08:26 AM

iPhone does have a to-do list...sorta
Ok, here is what I have found out thus far. If you have an iMAP email account on your iPhone (I use my .Mac account) you can enter a to-do via Apple Mail and that to-do will show up in a folder on the iPhone called "Apple Mail To Do". Yes it appears and an email message, but it is a so called to-do that syncs with iCal and Apple Mail. Now the problem I am having is how to sync Omni focus with the new calendar associated with my email account in iCal. I can sync all other calendars in OmniFocus, however OF does not show this new email calendar in the sync preferences. If it did, I would have a round about way to sync to-dos from OF to my iPhone. Any ideas or guidance would be greatly appreciated on this. This could be a filler for if/when a more direct method comes about.

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