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baldwhiteguy 2013-01-10 01:30 AM

Curve Text along a line or Bezier
There are several threads about this already - but none of the workarounds I've seen seem to be working.
[LIST=1][*]Can Omni PLEASE add this feature? Its pretty standard in most other graphics programs. At $200 for OmniGraffle Professional I would have expected this to be included. It seems to be something people have been asking about for a long time. Including the feature in an upgrade would be be a good way both of improving the product - and Omni showing that they listen to their customers.[*]The workaround of doing the curved text in another program (I used Inkscape) then importing as a PDF or SVG doesn't work well. The imported text comes in with a plain white background. I tried using ungroup to remove this background but it didn't work. :([/LIST]
Does anyone know of any other workarounds?
Is there any news from Omni about when this feature might *finally* be available?


bsbrum 2013-03-07 07:45 AM

One way to place text in an "arc"
BaldWhiteGuy (Hey, I resemble that!).

I've had this question/request for a long time. I have a work-around within OmniGraffle, but it's really sucky.

[EDIT] Crud ... as a new user I can't post the URL to the blog post I made, so I tried to attach a PDF of same, and it's too big. GRRR.

Private message me, and I'll shoot you the URL. :-?

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