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tgm 2013-06-17 01:37 AM

Non-linear gradient
Is it possible to add "multiple stops" to a gradient? (I think that's what MS or someone calls it in their gradient tool). For example right now we have the "Double Linear Blend," which is GREAT, but what if i want disproportionate amounts of the 3 colors? I have only 1 slider, but I need to indicate how quickly each of the 2 transitions should happen.

Say I chose red, white, then blue as my colors. And I want A LOT of red, then just a little white, then A LOT of blue. This is non-linear, so a single slider is insufficient, unless there are multiple handles on the slider.

Thanks in adv for any suggestions.

john.gersh 2013-06-18 06:52 AM

Make two shapes with linear blends, remove the stroke, and join them together. For your example, one is red and white and one is white and blue. Align them next to each other with the white portions touching. Play with the sliders. Group them. Enclose them with a no-fill shape if you want a border.

This is easy for rectangles and perhaps other shapes with at least one straight side. For more complex shapes you may have to cut one in half (e.g., using subtract shapes), then duplicate, flip, and join.

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