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rsilber 2014-04-13 03:08 PM

OmniFocus, Reminders, Omnisync and password
I have reminders for OmniFouc set on my Mac, but they have never appeared on my phone. Instead I set up iCal through OmniFocus on the phone. I sync through Omnisync.

With Heartbleed, I reset my password on ominsync as suggested. That's when my problems began.

I cannot update my password on my phone. I use 1Password as my manager, copy and paste, and the dialog box appears again and again. The password is correct as I can log into omnisync from my phone with that password.

Omnisync is syncing my data between the server, my mac and my phone. No problem there. But I cannot set up a reminders calendar as I have in the past, so I cannot get OmniFocus reminders on my phone.

I deleted the omnisync account from Settings>Mail, Contacts, Messages, then tried to create a new account. When finishing the set up, IOS cannot verify the username/password -- and yet it is correct. Baffling, since I had this set up prior to changing my omnisync password.

What's going on? What am I missing? Anyone else experiencing this?

RobertRegets 2014-05-14 01:13 PM

I have also had this issue. Since updating my password due to Heartbleed, I can no longer get OmniFocus tasks with a due date to show up in Calendar. I have tried multiple times to delete the calendar and try again but nothing seems to work. I can see a subscription to the OF calendar appear in the Calendar app, but no tasks ever appear on their respective due dates.

Also, I have experienced the iOS issue where I am prompted to enter my Omni sync credentials over and over again. I am definitely using the correct information because the OF apps sync just fine.

This is very disappointing. I have been using the calendar integration for a while. Sadly, I do not have any suggestions on how to fix this. I have given up trying.

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