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Round trip local folder sync with Applescript and Folder Actions
Has anyone had luck with a round-trip folder sync for local resource folders via Applescript?

I've got my OF set up with heavy use of folders as project containers and those folders are all mirrored by folders inside a Users/me/Documents/Projects/ folder via Jim Harrison's excellent Project Folder script. I love it. I was actually using Ready-Set-Do for a while, and this is very similar to the overall concept there. I really like approaching my whole filesystem as a support for GTD and vice versa. It actually helps me directly confront all the random stuff that accumulates on my machine by having most of my local files mirror my GTD system.

Now, all I want for total joy is a round trip to/from OF. i.e. I want to be able to drag all my incoming downloads, screen grabs, txt files, sketches and whatnot into new folders in /Documents/Projects and have the folder structure recreated inside OF. Ideally, there'd be a prompt for creating optional new tasks based on the files inside those folders. I figure it'd be triggered from Folder Actions so every time something was added to my Project folder hierarchy, I'd get a prompt to add it to OF. New local folders would become OF folders and all files would become tasks with links to the original file in the notes.

Guillaum Cerquant's very good AddFileToInbox script does most of the trick, though I'd like to keep awareness of folder structure instead of dumping to the Inbox.

I'll be tinkering with this off and on to get it to work, and would much appreciate any advice or pointers. I guess I'll begin with hacking those two scripts. Anybody else working on a similar idea?

If I can get it to work, it could be easily hacked to provide a Yojimbo-style dropbox, btw...

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