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EugeneB 2012-06-15 12:25 AM

Areas of Focus: Management
I need your advice and fresh overview of my Manager's Area of Focus:

1. What is missing?
2. Should Marketing and Direct Reports be part of this AoF?
3. Is there any overlap?
4. Any other ideas?
5. Where can I put actions where I'm helping my managers to move further their projects?

-- Hiring
- Resources
- Job sites
- Headhunting agencies
- Competitors
- Friends
-- Training
- Products
- Vendor 1
- Vendor 2
- ...
- Vendor 10
- Sales technics
-- Direct Reports (delegated tasks and projects check)
- Manager 1
- Manager 2
- Manager 3
- ...
- Manager 8
-- Marketing
- Internet Site
- Events
- Vendors
- Demo
- Certification

Elderen 2012-06-15 09:51 AM

For what it's worth I am using the following OF structure for this:

(1) "Strategic level", "Tactical level" and "Operational level" as areas of focus implemented using folders. Make it easy to set focus in OF and ensures that tasks in project view are always sorted from Strategic actions at top to operational actions down. In my case the strategic level contains Mid term plan actions; the tactical level the critical success factors for the organisational changes I am leading; and the goals in the operational plan for 2012; and the operational level all real management actions, being:

(2) In the operational level if have the following subfolders as Management Areas of Attention:
- Business Development, Marketing and Sales (each as a separate project)
- Financial management, with projects such as Financial reporting, Financial control,
- Human resources, with projects such as Recruitment & Staffing, Coaching, Training & Development, Performance management & appraisal, Talent development
- Quality & Safety control
- Knowledge management
- Coordination
- Operational management

I use contexts to manage direct reports (each having its own context). Every time I sit down with my subordinate I select his context to review (the status of) all delegated tasks.

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