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Stevo 2012-07-16 07:27 AM

Can't move projects in the left sidebar (projects view)

Comment: I am using the German version of OF and thus my terms might differ from the real ones.

I have an OF window with a projects perspective; on the left I have all my (active) projects grouped by certain folders.

Two minor annoyances:

- the list of projects, which I manually sort by name, "forgets" my sort order, i.e. I have a project "a..." somewhere in the middle of the list

- when I try to re-sort the project, i.e. move it back to the top of the list (or anywhere else) it sometimes does not move. The horizontal arrow correctly displays the chosen position but when I drop the project there, nothing happens. Strangely this does not apply to all projects, some I can move, some I can't.

Any hints for me?


whpalmer4 2012-07-16 07:45 AM

What happens if you attempt to move the project with the arrow keys? <command>-<control>-<up arrow> and <command>-<control>-<down arrow> should move the currently selected project in the sidebar up or down one spot, without any need to worry about whether you are dragging and dropping it into just the right spot.

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