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kmg 2007-06-17 11:28 PM

Drag & drop or copy to OmniOutliner
What if you want to make a multi-line thread (project) drag and drop, or copy to an OmniOutliner file?

I tried this with my alpha version of OF, but only the thread's first line was pasted on OO; sub-projects, tasks weren't copied.

This is very important to me, for I sometimes put and organize my day-to-day ideas (not always tasks to "do") on my to-do list and then, settle them to an OO file. I could this with kGTD, but with OF? Any ideas?

Thank you.

RobTrew 2007-06-28 01:31 AM

I have also found myself wanting to export nested paragraphs to Omnioutliner.

If an Omnioutliner-compatible clipboard is more or less out of reach perhaps an OPML export ?

Or should we just unroll some Applescript duct-tape for the time being ?

curt.clifton 2007-06-28 06:38 AM

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Duct tape already applied.

See my OmniFocus to OmniOutliner scripts on [URL=""]my software page.[/URL]

Included are scripts for sending OmniOutliner:[LIST][*] selected projects, [*] currently viewed projects or contexts (based on filter), or[*] all projects and folders [/LIST]
(Hrmm, we're getting a new DHCP server today, so my web page is down. Here's the OmniFocus to OmniOutliner script bundle: [ATTACH]249[/ATTACH]. If you're reading this post "in the future", please check my web page for the most recent version.)

RobTrew 2007-06-28 08:46 AM

Just what I need. Thank you !

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