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MacBerry 2007-11-20 05:52 AM

Dragging/changing task durations.
I'm trying to drag task durations (i.e. changing the completion date by dragging the handle at the end of the task bar), and am getting extremely frustrated by what appears to be a bug:

If I drag a task at the end of my project to an earlier date, the range of dates reduces to match - fair enough I guess.

But if I've gone too far back, or just want to drag forward in time, the available dates won't expand. So for example if the last date on show is 21/11/2007, I can't drag to 30/11/2007. Arrrggghh.

Also, it's not always possible to grab the dependancies handle at the end of the last task - the handle disappears before I get to it.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?


RobertKD 2007-12-03 07:45 PM

Hi Mark,

not a bug as such, I am a fairly new user my self but the behavior is a little "odd" you just have to have the mouse pointer in just the right position to advance past the "currently last entry", i find it easier to put a dummy task in and advance it so i have a reasonable time window to work in. Also find the way it collapses back on it self is a little harsh as you (i do) tend to fight it when setting the end date.


MacBerry 2007-12-04 06:38 AM

Thanks Robert.

I would regard it as a bug really, as it makes using it extremely difficult. A ninja's been in touch now, and I've sent him some videos of the issue/s. If anyone else wants to take a look they're [URL=""]here[/URL] (10Mb).


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