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udecker 2006-06-01 04:34 AM

SP12: Partial Loads / Slow Links / Stop Button
In SP12, if you are on a page and you click a slow-to-respond link, click on a bookmark in the favorites bar, or type in a new URL in the location bar and hit enter and it takes a while to load the page:

When you click the stop button, instead of staying on the page that's still being displayed, the page goes white.

Once this happens, (I've tested this), if you hit the stop button before any data has come back from the requested page and then hit refresh, it refreshes to about:blank instead of the new URL, and the back button then takes you back to the original page you were on, losing the new URL in the location bar. If any of the content from the new page has loaded (even only a few bytes), the new location stays in the location bar, but hitting refresh does reload the new page that was attempting to load.

jugurtha 2006-06-01 04:54 AM

I have a very similar problem. When I use the reload button at all I always get the about:blank feature. This is in SP12.

jphaag 2006-06-01 11:55 AM

Same(ish) problem here.

1. Type in URL / use bookmark / RSS Feed.
2. White page. OW indicates the page is loaded.
3. Hit refresh.
4. about:blank

The page evently loads when trying one bookmark over and over again.

The activity window sometimes shows "Unknown document" and/or "bad server response" (I donīt know if these are the actual error messages, Iīm translating back from German).

All this is on pages which did function flawlessly before.

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