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Dewdman42 2008-11-13 02:00 PM

Possible to sync iCal by Project?
Is it possible to sync OmniFocus with iCal by Project instead of by Context?

mr206 2008-11-14 05:42 AM

I would love this feature as well! Even though I get how OF uses contexts, I have a long established habit of my various Icals working by the "type" of thing I'm doing, which correlates much closer to project (work, personal, etc. instead of "home, library, etc.")

dbsf 2008-11-18 01:46 PM

iCal sync by Project?
Yes - it would definitely be essential to me to sync my calendars via projects rather than contexts. I have my ical calendars organized by work, personal, projects, etc.
Is there any possibility for this to be implemented?

****Omni Group thank you VERY MUCH for an amazing program and iphone integration!!!

epr2211 2008-11-21 07:41 PM

Count me in! I also organize my life around projects. I can do parts of several projects in the same context, and in the course of a single project I can do work in several contexts, so this is pretty important to me.

Beyond that, I'm also an enthusiastic believer in OmniFocus. Part of my excuse to buy an iPhone is going to be that I can get OmniFocus on it.


misstoto 2008-11-23 10:17 PM

Agree - this is a must have!
At the very least, let me sync tasks with "No Context" to a catch-all calendar so I don't have to constantly switch between iCal and OmniFocus. I was able to do this with Things and don't see why OmniFocus doesn't have it.

Also, I some times have to share project calendar with a team and prefer to sync tasks by project so they only see what they need to see - don't make me create a new context for that project. Total duplication of effort.

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