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RobTrew 2012-01-20 02:38 AM

2nd Object Separation bug: value lost on save and re-open
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A [URL=""]further[/URL] Object Separation bug:

When a file is saved, closed and reopened, the Object Separation value is lost.

The attached was saved with rank separation and object separation both set at 5pts (0.1764 cm). When the file is closed and re-opened, the rank separation is conserved, but the object separation is lost. It jumps up to 0.635 cm ...

(Visible in the Diagram Layout inspector, and effective when Automatic Layout is re-applied).


RobTrew 2012-01-20 03:31 AM

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One might, of course, suggest that this doesn't matter too much, as even when Automatic Layout does remember its separation settings, it doesn't apply them correctly (note the differing horizontal and vertical gaps in the attached, despite the twinned separation settings) ...

but it's still a nuisance for scripts that do make proper use of the separation settings.


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