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pegmatite 2006-04-30 01:32 PM

Auto Replicate Objects
In Star Office/Open Office I can "replicate" an object through a menu. You can choose how many replicas, what angle of offset, and the spacing between them. I can't find similar functionality in OmniGraffle, I can "Duplicate" but I only get one duplicate and I have to take the default I'm given by the designers of OG.

Between this and the magnet functionality I am starting to reconsider the wisdom of purchasing this software since I get both of these functions OOB for free with SO/OO. These are 2 key elements in my standard workflow.

Karl Vietmeier.

Greg Titus 2006-05-01 10:32 AM

Hit command-D to duplicate, position the new object where you want it, and then duplicate again. The second duplicate will take on exactly the same direction and distance from the first duplicate as you made the first duplicate take from the original. Duplicate again and the third duplicate is the same distance and direction from the second duplicate, and so on.

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