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priceless 2008-05-29 05:23 PM

10.5.3 Performance issues with OG 5 Pro?
I'm experiencing a lot of slow downs (beachballs) in OG 5 Pro since the latest OSX update.

Is anyone else having this problem?



Joel 2008-05-29 07:55 PM

Not that I've noticed, and no user reports have been sent in, either.

Dunno what to say about it, if you could take a sample from Activity Monitor while it's hanging and send that in that would be greatly appreciated.

priceless 2008-05-30 06:22 AM

I'm not sure what was going on, but it SEEMS better now. It spanned a reboot, though.

Data writes were very high, even though I had gigs of inactive memory (On a Macbook Pro 17" with 4 gigs RAM).

OG process was using CPU, but not massively so. It would jump to "not responsive" every once and a while when it beach balled. (All I needed to do was select something different, or try and open a fill colour for that to occur). I was prepared to go back to 10.5.2 just to change some colours on a simple graphic.

After a while (and walking away for a bit) it seemed to settle. I've rebooted once more and it hasn't returned yet.

It was frustrating enough to post, obviously, and if it comes back I'll let you know.

- Morgan

Brian 2008-05-30 11:36 AM

Immediately after upgrading to 10.5.3, I had both of my machines be very unresponsive and heard a ton of disk writes chatter away. On the second machine, this happened even though I had no applications open at the time.

I have no idea what the system was doing - based on activity monitor, my best guess is that a background thread was updating all of the spotlight metadata for my files or something.

The activity stopped after 10-15 minutes on both machines and hasn't reoccurred.

I'm chalking this one up to the OS upgrade.

priceless 2008-05-30 03:27 PM

That may well be it. I noticed it mostly with OG 5, jumping back to Safari to check the forums for issues didn't trigger any beachballs :)

Since then, everything seems OK...


xiamenese 2008-05-30 04:53 PM

When I upgraded to 10.5.3, I noticed that spotlight was updating for ages ... I have two external HDs, one of them partitioned into two. I could hear them "chattering away" too, but more importantly, when spotlight is updating its metadata, you will see a spot in the middle of its "magnifying glass" on the menu. It took about 15 minutes, I think, to go through nearly 2 million files.

And yes, other apps were running more slowly while it did so.


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