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frankmcma 2009-02-05 01:05 PM

How to Export and not lose note formatting?...
I want to export my whole Omnifocus database as one file. When I export to HTML all the formatting in each note is lost, leading to one big huge paragraph for each.

I did try printing to a PDF, this actually worked good, however I had to manually twirl down and open each note for each task to have it show up on the PDF (there are too many notes to do this manually) there a way to "open all notes" so I can print everything? Or is there a way to export and not lose formatting?



whpalmer4 2009-02-05 02:45 PM

First step would be to get everything you want exported into the display. You could use the built-in All Items perspective, but you'll want to change the selectors if you don't intend to export completed or dropped actions/projects.

Then, if you are using the 1.6 Sneaky Peek release, you can simply do Edit->Toggle All Notes (cmd-opt-') to open/close all the notes.

Otherwise, select everything in the main pane, then do Edit->Edit Note (cmd-') to open/close all the notes.

frankmcma 2009-02-06 08:27 AM

Ah cool..I grabbed the 1.6 version and it does exactly what I want...which is expand all notes globally for PDF printing..thanks!!


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