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SpiraMira 2010-09-09 01:37 PM

CopyLibraryResources script error
I am setting up a new project based on the frameworks and have pretty much replicated the structure of the sample iPad projects. The whole thing builds but I get this error during the CopyLibraryResources run phase. Pretty much stumped after debugging. Can anyone help? My ipad project is not embedded in the OmniUI directory structure, but at the same level as my OmniGroup directory..I carefully ( I think ?) set the configuration. Everything builds but....


"object isa XCVersionGroup, expecting PBXFileReference or PBXVariantGroup or PBXReferenceProxy, died at ../OmniGroup/Scripts/ListSourceFilesInTarget line 76...."

then falls through, analyzes and succeeds (links) with no errors. I must be missing something?!

SDK:iOS4.02 XCode:3.2.3 OS:10.6.4

Thanks in advance.

Tim Wood 2010-09-10 08:05 AM

The ListSourceFilesInTarget script munges through the Xcode project looking for references to resources that it should copy into the static frameworks. But, it seems to have run across an object of some type in the Xcode project that it hasn't been set up to handle, a "XCVersionGroup".

Is this using a Xcode 4 preview? If not, any hints on how you structured your project to get this type of object in the project file would help narrow it down.

For now, you might be able to hack in support for (or at least ignore) this type in the script where this call is made (about line 138).

SpiraMira 2010-09-10 08:19 PM

Thanks Tim for the prompt reply -

No, I'm tempted but staying clear of the XCode preview for the moment (as tempting as it is, cause XC is getting a little old in the tooth and bothersome...still beats Visual...)

I've added some debugging statements in both Copy... and List...scripts and am narrowing down on the "offending" resource. I've built OF based projects within the samples directory without a hitch. This time I wanted to start from scratch and simply created a new iPad project at the same level as my OmniGroup directory using the Scaling Demo as an example. A notable difference maybe the fact that I seeded the project as a SplitViewController project, so Apple ads all the CoreData modeling stuff...its in my Resources and Compile Phase. I'm exploring whether that's the issue. I'll report anything I find noteworthy.

Thanks again for the great framework. A true treasure chest from a group I've been following since the NextStep days...I may even contribute a few pieces of my own when I get time. What's the best way of doing that? A github fork? Framework's like 320 have a rather large network, Omni's is unfairly sparse for the amount of gems it has to offer. I know this isn't your primary business focus...but are you planning on expanding this open source offering regularly? Support is hassle (I know)...


SpiraMira 2010-09-10 09:45 PM

Ok - it was the Core Data modeling objects. So I modified the script to handle
XCVersionGroup in the do_target and resolvepath subs. I think I'll be ok.


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