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richielau 2011-01-27 04:13 PM

modifying shortcuts keys
I find many of the Omni Graffle shortcuts very cumbersome, having to press multiple buttons to just get one simple task, such as the zoom feature. Perhaps I'm used to Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, but I'd rather have the shortcuts the same. Is there anyway to modify these shortcuts to my own preferences?

masteridiotsavant 2011-03-16 09:53 AM

In "preferences" > Drawing Tools. Double-click tool to set your pref.

john.gersh 2011-03-17 04:58 AM

The System Keyboard preference pane lets you set menu item shortcuts for any application. In the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, select Application Shortcuts and hit the plus button to add a new application to the list. (You may have to use the "Other" item in the Application pulldown to get to OG.) Then name the menu item and enter your shortcut. I just tried it for OG's Zoom In and it works fine.

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