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mihnat 2007-12-13 09:11 PM

Project view with due date and toolbar
I just know this is a goofy easy question but I cannot for life of me figure out how to retain the toolbar and the due date for each action when I change projects in the project view. As it is now, the default view is without the toolbar and due date - both critical items for me. I tried to save as perspectives with no luck.
Thanks so much for any help!

Random Browser 2007-12-13 09:39 PM

This used to work...
I agree, but it's because something changed during one of the recent builds. Due dates were always visible by default, but now they keep disappearing.


Tim Wood 2007-12-13 09:47 PM

If you are seeing a problem with this, please make sure to send your preferences and perspectives via Send Feedback and steps that you are using that yield the loss of a column that should have been saved. Thanks!

mihnat 2007-12-14 03:19 AM

Glad to see that it is not just me. Will do with respect to sending feedback, thanks Tim!

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