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Bruce L 2008-02-06 09:59 AM

Multiple Versions of OF in Applications
I was wondering why when I choose to install the most recent release of OF, following the pop window that appears in OF telling me that there is a new version available, I end up with a standard looking OmniFocus program icon in my Applications folder, plus a number of other OF program icons with names like OmniFocus and an icon that is basically a sheet of paper with the “Applications” A icon? What is the best way to avoid this?

Brian 2008-02-06 03:38 PM

There's 2 possibilities here:

1) You have the 'archive previous version' box checked in the panel that appears when you update OmniFocus.

2) You're triggering the update install from a non-admin account, then authenticating to an admin account when the system does the install. We've got a bug in the updater that will always archive the previous version under those conditions.

(The numbers after OmniFocus are the build number, by the way.)

Bruce L 2008-02-06 05:48 PM

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your you help in answering all of my questions and even reading between the lines and answering my unasked question.

1. I don't have the 'archive previous version' box checked in the panel that appears when you update OmniFocus.

2. I do install from a non-admin account since I don't want to run as an administrator for security reasons. So I will be waiting for the bug fix for this issue.

I had figured that the numbers after OmniFocus were the build number, but it was not readily apparent how, for example, build relates to build 1.0.1 sneakypeak.

c.nick 2008-09-18 09:54 AM

I also run OF on my iPhone and on the Mac (from a non-admin account), doing regular updates as soon as they appear.

I had the same question and a few more:

1. Can I delete all program versions of OmniFocus SneakyPeak except the latest w/o destroying some functionality or data?

2. Is the latest version allways the one named just "" or the one with the highest build code?

3. Should I keep one or two of the latest builds for security reasons (e.g. in case the latest build goes mad and I want to restore to an earlier build)?

Cheers, Christian

curt.clifton 2008-09-18 12:21 PM

Yes, you can delete versions other than the latest w/o destroying functionality or data.

I believe is the latest one. The build codes are added to the names to move them out of the way.

I've been running Sneaky Peeks since the initial 1.0 beta 18 months ago. I've never kept a past version. If a version is seriously bad---I've only seen this once or twice in many 1000s of builds---I've always been able to download an older version from the Sneaky Peek page. (Disclaimer, I haven't tried this on the 1.1 Sneaky Peeks as I haven't had any issues.)

c.nick 2008-09-19 05:39 AM

Thanks Curt - that freed up quite a bit of memory ;-) Good point that the builds are available on the website. Saw that but obviously never realized it...
Cheers, Christian

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