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reenhanced 2007-12-18 02:00 PM

Only open one instance of OmniFocus
I'm not sure if any of you guys on the dev team use spaces, but I've set myself up for incredible efficiency using it in combination with QuickSilver.

I have a blank desktop that I've assigned omnifocus to using the spaces control panel. However, when I choose a context from the menu bar item, it opens another window on top of my OmniFocus window.. Causing me all sorts of confusion..

Is there any way to get the window that's already open to be brought into focus, instead of a new one opening on top of it?


Tim Wood 2007-12-18 09:46 PM

There isn't right now, but others have called for a 'single window' preference or more control over this behavior in general. Please submit feedback via Help > Send Feedback so your voice gets added.

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